Riding In The Lap Of Luxury Travel With A Virgin Island Yacht Charters

If you've never had the​ experience of​ being at​ the​ helm of​ a​ yacht as​ you​ sail through the​ crystal waters of​ the​ Virgin Islands,​ then consider making that your next vacation goal. a​ variety of​ yacht rental and/or vacation facilities are available that will provide you​ with a​ complete line of​ vessels from which to​ choose for your luxury excursion.

Yacht Chartering Services

+ Bareboats BVI - Located in​ Tortola,​ British Virgin Islands,​ this facility offers a​ comprehensive line of​ yachting models and services. Complete with Caribbean sailing charters,​ motor yacht vacations and crewed yachting holidays,​ there's something for everyone - with every level of​ experience - at​ this premier yacht chartering establishment. They can be located online at​ www.bareboatsbvi.com.

+ Island Yacht Charters - Be the​ skipper of​ your own chartered yacht or​ rent a​ crewed charter when you​ choose a​ vacation package through this top-of-the-line Caribbean facility. Located in​ the​ Red Hook area of​ St. Thomas,​ these folks also offer land packages which include accommodations at​ Villa Nathalie - a​ two-bedroom villa on​ the​ island's east end. For more information,​ visit their website at​ www.iyc.vi.

+ St. John's Classic Motor Yacht - Complete with public cruises and private charters,​ this establishment - located in​ Cinnamon Bay - offers a​ variety of​ vacation and charter packages. Destinations include Virgin Gorda,​ Outer Cay and Norman Treasure Caves,​ and will personally customize your trip to​ accommodate up to​ 40 guests. Their luxurious yachts include amenities such as​ spacious salons,​ teak and mahogany construction,​ awnings,​ oversized sun decks,​ on-board heads and more. Visit their website at​ http://motoryachtcinnamonbay.com to​ check out their vessels and vacation options.

+ Destination BVI - This wonderful online travel facility allows you​ to​ charter a​ yacht,​ plan a​ vacation and virtually tour the​ surrounding areas that you​ may choose to​ sail by visiting www.destinationbvi.com. Both motor and luxury yacht charters are available to​ guests,​ as​ well as​ special holiday options that are available during designated times. Whether you​ prefer a​ sailing yacht,​ motor yacht or​ luxury crewed yacht,​ you'll find what you're looking for at​ Destination BVI.

+ VIP Yacht Charters - With more than a​ dozen models to​ choose from and a​ variety of​ locations throughout the​ 75 islands which comprise the​ Virgin Islands territory - including both the​ US Virgin Islands and the​ British Virgin Islands - VIP Yacht Charters offers comprehensive packages for vacationers who are looking for more than the​ run-of-the-mill boating excursion. Their website,​ www.vipyachts.com,​ includes fully linked pages that provide information on​ all aspects of​ your Caribbean vacation.

Amenities and Activities

For the​ most part,​ the​ basic types of​ activities and amenities that can be expected from a​ yacht chartering vacation are pretty much the​ same,​ regardless of​ which facility you​ choose for the​ planning of​ your excursion.

Although the​ particular attractions will vary from one destination to​ another,​ you​ can expect to​ enjoy excellent opportunities for fishing,​ water skiing,​ wind-surfing,​ snorkeling,​ scuba diving and kayaking,​ in​ addition to​ other water-related sports. For those who prefer to​ soak up the​ sun at​ the​ water's edge,​ there are plenty of​ beaches throughout the​ Virgin Islands,​ and most of​ the​ chartered yachts are equipped with spacious decks that are just right for getting a​ bit of​ sun without ever leaving your lodgings.

If you're booking a​ crewed yacht charter,​ or​ taking a​ group tour with others on​ a​ luxury yacht,​ then the​ menu is​ often prepared in​ advance,​ offering a​ delectable assortment of​ foods that will appeal to​ just about everyone. in​ addition,​ most will offer custom dishes for those who wish to​ enjoy a​ special favorite,​ since the​ chefs that accompany such cruises are generally pleased to​ accommodate guests in​ such a​ manner. Other amenities include a​ wide variety of​ luxury items,​ specific to​ each model.

For a​ great sea-going vacation in​ the​ Virgin Islands territory,​ treat yourself to​ a​ chartered yacht,​ and enjoy the​ best of​ all possible worlds.
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