Responses To Expect When Traveling In Germany

Learning the​ German language has many advantages especially if​ you’re a​ foreigner taking a​ walk down German streets. There’s one fact that you​ need to​ realize too. Although learning the​ language could give you​ numerous praises and benefits,​ you​ have to​ be careful in​ using it​ as​ well.

Our nationalities differ from one country to​ the​ next. if​ there’s anything you’re accustomed to​ doing in​ you’re own country,​ think twice before you​ attempt in​ doing it​ in​ another nation. if​ you​ visit Germany or​ get into a​ conversation with a​ German speaking person,​ an​ important point you​ need to​ remember is​ the​ way how you​ carry a​ conversation.

Don’t ever forget that the​ German language has a​ distinction between formal and informal conversation. if​ you’re unsure how to​ respond to​ the​ German speaking person you’re talking to,​ better stick to​ the​ rules of​ the​ language. Another thing is​ that you​ may find easy to​ learn and remember the​ basics of​ the​ language (greetings,​ common phrases) but in​ any way,​ do not get confused with the​ response you’re going to​ get. You’re not in​ your own country anymore so expect changes from the​ people around.

Shopping in​ Germany can be exciting; what with your skill to​ talk to​ the​ sales person in​ German. But don’t get offended if​ German staff just doesn’t warm up to​ you; it’s not being rude or​ anything so just move on​ with your German adventures.

Also,​ remember that Germans appreciate it​ more if​ you​ can talk to​ them in​ their own language. Putting all your efforts and hard work in​ learning the​ language wouldn’t be as​ rewarding as​ when you​ start to​ put it​ to​ test with a​ native German speaker.

But if​ you​ think you​ can’t handle it​ any longer and you​ feel the​ need to​ express what you​ want to​ say in​ pure English,​ you​ can always turn to​ someone and say “Sprechen Sie Englisch?" (SHPREKH-en zee ENG-lish),​ which means "Do you​ speak English?" and you’ll surely get the​ response you​ need.
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