Responding To Terrorism And Travel Overseas

Terrorist acts occur unpredictably,​ making it​ impossible to​ protect yourself absolutely. the​ first and best protection is​ to​ avoid travel to​ areas where there has been a​ persistent record of​ terrorist attacks or​ kidnappings.

Most terrorist attacks are the​ result of​ careful planning. Just as​ a​ car thief will first be attracted to​ an​ unlocked car with the​ key in​ the​ ignition,​ terrorists are looking for the​ most accessible targets. the​ chances that a​ tourist,​ traveling with an​ unpublished program or​ itinerary,​ would be the​ victim of​ terrorism are slight. in​ addition,​ many terrorist groups,​ seeking publicity for political causes within their own country or​ region,​ may not be looking for American targets. Nevertheless,​ the​ following pointers may help you​ avoid becoming a​ target of​ opportunity. They should be considered as​ adjuncts to​ the​ tips listed in​ the​ previous sections on​ how to​ protect you​ against the​ far greater likelihood of​ being a​ victim of​ crime. These precautions may provide some degree of​ protection,​ and can serve as​ practical and psychological deterrents to​ would-be terrorists.

Schedule direct flights if​ possible and avoid stops in​ high-risk airports or​ areas.

Be cautious about what you​ discuss with strangers or​ what others may overhear.

Try to​ minimize the​ time spent in​ the​ public area of​ an​ airport,​ which is​ a​ less protected area. Move quickly from the​ check-in counter to​ the​ secured areas. Upon arrival,​ leave the​ airport as​ soon as​ possible.

As much as​ possible,​ avoid luggage tags,​ dress and behavior that may identify you​ as​ an​ American.

Keep an​ eye out for abandoned packages or​ briefcases,​ or​ other suspicious items. Report them to​ airport authorities and leave the​ area promptly.

Avoid obvious terrorist targets such as​ places where Americans and Westerners are known to​ congregate.

Visit the​ U.S. Government web site and the​ country you​ are visiting's web site for the​ latest updates and warnings. Make sure that you​ register with the​ state department web site or​ register at​ the​ embassy or​ consulate. Let your family know your itinerary and local contact phone numbers. a​ little bit of​ prevention will save you​ a​ ton of​ misery.

Keep a​ low profile,​ and dress conservatively. you​ basically want to​ remain anonymous and not bring any attention to​ yourself. it​ isn’t hard to​ do.

Be aware of​ your surroundings and report anything suspicious. you​ never know when bad things can happen to​ good people. you​ have to​ remain alert always.
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