Required Travel Documents For Your Overseas Holiday

A passport is​ an​ internationally recognized travel document that verifies the​ identity and nationality of​ the​ bearer. Only the​ U.S. Department of​ State and U.S. Embassies and Consulates have the​ authority to​ grant,​ issue,​ or​ verify U.S. passports. For travel overseas and to​ facilitate reentry into the​ U.S.,​ a​ valid U.S. passport is​ the​ best documentation available.
A valid passport is​ required to​ enter and leave most foreign countries.

Some countries may allow you​ to​ enter with only a​ birth certificate,​ or​ with a​ birth certificate and a​ driver’s license. Note,​ however,​ that rules established under the​ U.S. Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of​ 2004,​ require that all persons,​ including U.S. citizens,​ traveling by air,​ must present a​ valid passport to​ reenter the​ United States. (Until September 30,​ 2018,​ U.S. citizens who have applied for but not yet received passports can enter and depart the​ United States by air to​ Western Hemisphere countries with a​ government-issued photo identification and official proof of​ application for a​ passport. This accommodation does not affect entry requirements of​ other countries,​ and U.S. citizens who are traveling to​ a​ country that requires a​ visitor to​ have a​ passport must still obtain one.)

If you​ are traveling by land or​ sea,​ make certain that you​ can return to​ the​ United States with the​ proof of​ citizenship that you​ take with you. U.S. regulations require that you​ document both your U.S. citizenship and your identity when you​ reenter the​ United States.

Some countries require that a​ traveler’s U.S. passport be valid at​ least six months or​ longer beyond the​ dates of​ the​ trip. in​ addition,​ with the​ number of​ international child custody cases on​ the​ rise,​ several countries have instituted passport requirements to​ help prevent child abductions. (Mexican law,​ for example,​ requires a​ child traveling alone,​ or​ with only one parent,​ or​ in​ someone else's custody,​ to​ carry written,​ notarized consent from the​ absent parent or​ parents if​ the​ child is​ not in​ possession of​ a​ U.S. passport.) Contact the​ embassy of​ the​ foreign destination for more information. Foreign embassy and consulate contact information can also be found on​ the​ Country Specific Information for each country.

How to​ Apply for a​ U.S. Passport

Apply for your passport several months before your planned trip,​ and,​ if​ you​ will need visas from foreign embassies,​ allow even more time. Even if​ you​ don’t have specific travel plans,​ but have family living abroad or​ are waiting to​ find a​ bargain trip,​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ apply as​ early as​ possible. you​ may be required to​ show you​ birth certificate to​ get your first passport. So,​ make sure that you​ allow time to​ get your birth certificate.

Check with State Department web site for the​ latest rules and regulations. Passport and visa rules change from time to​ time,​ so please ensure that you​ have the​ most current information.
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