Reiki Timeline

Reiki Timeline
August 15,​ 1865 Miako Usui born in​ Japan
1868 Beginning of​ Meiji time
1869 Usui sent to​ a​ monastery school
1871 the​ Yen became currency in​ Japan
1877 Usui bagan his martial arts training
1888 After a​ bout with Cholera,​ Usui converted to​ Buddhism
1908 Usuis son,​ Fuji,​ born
1910 Shoeski Kaneko experienced and​ enlightenment after studying Zen for years and​ began using his healing abilities.
1913 Usuis daughter,​ Toshiko,​ born
1915 Kenzen no Genri,​ a​ book,​ came out using Usuis five principles
1915 Tamai Tempaku,​ artist of​ abdominal massage,​ published a​ book with this new modality
1918 Usui began three year training in​ Zen
1919 Mataji Kawakami published a​ book on​ the​ Reiki Ryoho
1920 Mariko Obaasan met Usui on​ Mt. ​
Hiel and​ worked with him everyday until his death
1920 Toshiro Eguchi spent several months studying Usuis principles and​ teachings
1921 Usui worked as​ a​ secretary forhe Department of​ Health and​ Welfare
1922 in​ March,​ it​ is​ said that Usui received the​ Reiki power. ​
He went to​ Mt. ​
Koya did his twenty one day meditation.
1922 in​ April,​ Usui opened his first treatment center
1922 Usui tried the​ Reiju empowerment too
1923 Usui develops system for levels of​ Judo
1923 Eguchi returned to​ a​ training center to​ practice his own tenohira or​ palm healings
1923 Earthquake registering 7.0 on​ the​ Richter Scale,​ over 106,​000 people reported missing,​ Usui became quick in​ spreading Reiki all over Japan and​ gave him success and​ a​ reputation
1924 Usui moved to​ Tokyo
1926 Usui traveled to​ Fukuyama town and​ died there due to​ a​ stroke
1927 Usui students erect a​ memorial to​ him in​ Tokyo
Mikao Usui brought much into the​ world when he first realized the​ healing power of​ Reiki existed. ​
He used it​ to​ help all kinds of​ people and​ helped the​ world after bad weather. ​
He taught many students and​ passed on​ his wisdom to​ the​ next generation of​ Reiki scholars.
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