Reiki A Powerful Tool For Mind Body And Spirit

Reiki,​ a​ Powerful Tool for Mind,​ Body and​ Spirit
Nowadays,​ the​ interest in​ alternative medicine is​ growing rapidly. ​
Among the​ vast number of​ healing modalities available,​ we find that Reiki has become increasingly popular around the​ world,​ especially since science has verified the​ existence of​ the​ universal life energy that Reiki is​ based on. ​
Reiki is​ a​ powerful holistic healing system; it​ heals on​ all levels,​ physical,​ mental,​ emotional and​ spiritual. ​

So what is​ Reiki? the​ term Reiki is​ the​ Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. ​
it​ is​ a​ very simple and​ easily acquired healing method that uses universal life energy,​ the​ energy which permeates our entire universe and​ all living things. ​
This universal life energy is​ called qi or​ chi in​ China,​ prana in​ India,​ and​ ki in​ Japan and​ this is​ where the​ Reiki name derives. ​
it​ circulates throughout the​ body and​ in​ an energy field surrounding the​ body. ​
This energy field,​ long been known to​ healers and​ mystics,​ is​ now verified by scientists. ​
Recent scientific experiments have verified the​ existence of​ this life force energy. ​
Scientists have proven that everything in​ the​ universe,​ at ​ a​ subatomic level,​ is​ made up of​ energy. ​
Health is​ the​ harmonious flow of​ life energy,​ while imbalances in​ this flow,​ due to​ unhealthy habits or​ negative emotions lead to​ illness. ​
So this subtle energy is​ responsible for the​ processes in​ our body on​ all levels physical,​ emotional and​ mental. ​
Reiki channels universal life energy through the​ hands of​ the​ practitioner into the​ body of​ the​ receiver and​ balances the​ energy flow in​ the​ body. ​

Reiki is​ a​ holistic healing system,​ meaning that it​ addresses the​ whole person the​ physical,​ mental,​ emotional and​ the​ spiritual levels. ​
The body is​ not made up of​ isolated parts to​ be fixed,​ like a​ machine; there are no separate parts,​ but an amazing web of​ energy,​ and​ in​ order to​ truly return to​ health,​ all the​ levels of​ our being must be addressed. ​

Reiki works on​ four different levels
The physical level Reiki strengthens the​ immune system. ​
it​ helps in​ relieving pain. ​
it​ balances and​ harmonizes the​ function of​ glands and​ organs. ​
it​ heals by opening the​ blocked energy channels,​ the​ meridians,​ and​ balances the​ chakras. ​
When performed regularly,​ toxins are removed from the​ body and​ good health and​ wellbeing is​ maintained.
The emotional level One of​ the​ greatest healing benefits of​ Reiki is​ stress reduction and​ relaxation,​ which strengthens the​ immune system and​ maintains health. ​
People who are depressed or​ do not feel emotionally balanced begin to​ feel more stable and​ relaxed because Reiki clears energy blockages and​ suppressed emotions.
The mental level Through giving yourself Reiki,​ you​ obtain more clarity and​ find it​ easier to​ overcome obstacles and​ achieve goals. ​
You become more positive and​ reach a​ different outlook on​ life. ​
You feel more empowered. ​

The spiritual level Reiki enables you​ to​ go deeper within and​ feel more connected to​ your higher self. ​
it​ aids meditation,​ increases intuition and​ provides limitless benefits of​ spiritual growth.
Reiki is​ so simple yet so powerful,​ and​ this is​ what makes it​ a​ unique healing system that anyone can learn,​ because it​ does not require any previous experience or​ special ability. ​
The Benefits of​ Reiki are infinite. ​
it​ allows you​ to​ take an active part in​ your own wellness,​ and​ accelerates your growth on​ all levels.
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