Reiki Faq Part Two

Reiki FAQ Part Two

Does Reiki work for everyone? Reiki will only work to​ ​ the​ degree that the​ person's higher self will let it ​ work. if ​ the​ person is​ ​ open and willing,​ the​ Reiki will flow an go straight where it ​ is​ ​ needed. if ​ the​ person's higher self doesn't accept it,​ the​ Reiki cannot get in. Sometimes when people are getting ready to​ ​ die,​ Reiki can be a​ ​ wonderful peaceful way to​ ​ the​ spirit realm. Healing doesn't just mean to​ ​ cure,​ but the​ healing of ​ the​ person's spirit and a​ ​ return to​ ​ wholeness.
Who can give Reiki treatments? Any practitioners that are Reiki II and higher. Reiki III and Reiki Master have more advanced techniques that they learn to​ ​ help different groups of ​ people. if ​ your practitioner is​ ​ Reiki II,​ they will be able to​ ​ help as​ good as​ a​ ​ Reiki Master for general treatments.
What is​ ​ distance treatment? These are treatments sent over long distances for healing when the​ practitioner cannot travel to​ ​ where the​ patient is. For instance,​ an American practitioner may send healing to​ ​ someone in​ ​ Australia. Again,​ all you​ need is​ ​ the​ intent for it ​ to​ ​ be sent. Draw your distance symbol and send the​ loving energy to​ ​ whoever needs it. There are may Reiki groups that sent healing t the​ earth itself after the​ tornadoes and tsunamis hit the​ coast of ​ many countries. you​ can even send healing into the​ future for yourself or others. There is​ ​ no limit on​ the​ good you​ can accomplish.
How do you​ get a​ ​ treatment? Look in​ ​ the​ phone book and locate a​ ​ practitioner and ask about their credentials. Treatments usually run between $35 and $60. Some of ​ the​ practitioners may do distance sessions if ​ you​ cannot get to​ ​ their office. They will include a​ ​ note to​ ​ tell you​ anything they picked up while sending the​ treatment.
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