Reiki Does It Concern Religion

Reiki Does it​ Concern Religion?
The very essence of​ Reiki is​ healing using natural methods,​ but it​ does not concern any religion or​ cult at ​ all. ​
This is​ with firm conviction that even though Reiki is​ spiritual in​ nature,​ it​ does not advocate any kind of​ belief.
Faith here depends on​ the​ persons individual capability of​ believing on​ the​ effectiveness of​ Reiki towards him. ​
There is​ no particular teaching or​ Dogma that you​ must learn in​ order to​ be cured by Reiki. ​

Most people just associate Reiki with God because of​ the​ unexplainable healing process and​ effect that it​ provides them after undergoing the​ treatment. ​
This is​ probably due to​ a​ certain therapeutic technique and​ Divine intervention that heals them. ​
Like in​ any other form of​ healing,​ it​ is​ only natural to​ ask for Gods guidance. ​

The term Reiki is​ derived from the​ Japanese term Rei,​ which means Gods Wisdom or​ the​ Higher Power. ​
The name itself suggests about the​ participation of​ the​ guidance of​ God in​ healing but does not necessarily imply that it​ is​ a​ religion. ​
The Ki also means life force energy. ​
To join and​ decipher this two terms,​ it​ simply means spiritually guided life force energy.
Reiki is​ already proven effective in​ curing people through all walks of​ life. ​
The goal of​ Reiki is​ to​ make people realize that in​ healing ones spirit,​ he should possess all the​ willingness and​ commitment since it​ is​ a​ part of​ the​ healing experience. ​

To establish a​ lasting effect of​ the​ Reiki treatment,​ the​ client must do his responsibilities by participating in​ all the​ activities that he need to​ take part in​ the​ healing process. ​
it​ should be a​ collaborative effort between the​ healer and​ the​ client.
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