Reiki As An Alternative Healing Process

Reiki as​ an Alternative Healing Process
Maybe you​ are not familiar with Reiki,​ dont worry,​ you​ are not alone.
To start with,​ Reiki is​ associated with natural holistic healing or​ a​ healing where pharmaceutical ​Drug​s and​ medical surgeries are just an alternative in​ case the​ system of​ holistic healing fails. ​

Reiki is​ an early form of​ energy healing in​ which a​ participant serves as​ a​ channel for Universal Life Force. ​
The Reiki participant opens himself/herself as​ a​ channel for an energy that comes from a​ higher source to​ aid healing or​ correct a​ persons aura. ​
This is​ believed to​ be beneficial for the​ body,​ mind,​ and​ soul or​ the​ Indian system called chakra.
Reiki got its principle from the​ thought that the​ universe has an energy that gives form,​ structure,​ and​ health. ​
This force is​ also called Chi by the​ Chinese martial artists. ​
it​ is​ said to​ be capable of​ healing anything because its energy comes from the​ basic fundamental levels of​ reality.
It also teaches that the​ energy flows are affected by the​ thoughts of​ a​ Reiki practitioner. ​
For instance,​ if ​ he/she thinks of​ negative things,​ this will manifest diseases and​ unfortunate events. ​
if ​ he/she thinks the​ other way around,​ good health and​ fortune will come. ​
These are facilitated to​ help the​ patients believe whatever positive thoughts they have in​ their minds.
To have an idea of​ how the​ healing process is​ conducted,​ here is​ an example usually,​ the​ healer performs some hand rituals and​ eventually places it​ over a​ sick person. ​
Then he will perform some massage from mid hair,​ and​ he will make some scooping actions like he is​ smoothing a​ bedspread. ​
This movement is​ intent to​ correct the​ persons aura. ​
There are other Reiki masters that just place their hands directly to​ the​ patient and​ keeping it​ there as​ long as​ necessary.
They are also capable of​ healing from a​ distance,​ or​ also called Reiki remote healing. ​
The healer will just ask for an object that will represent the​ ill person and​ they will treat that said object just like he is​ treating the​ person. ​
They are also capable of​ healing and​ blessing objects such as​ cars and​ computers.
Reiki is​ definitely a​ different healing process compared with others. ​
it​ is​ up to​ you​ if ​ you​ will believe in​ their methods.
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