Reiki And Brain Waves

Reiki and Brain Waves

Brain wave patterns,​ when controlled,​ can allow you​ access to​ ​ advanced states of ​ consciousness. These include psychic advancement,​ spiritual growth,​ astral travel,​ and Reiki healing. you​ need only to​ ​ open yourself up to​ ​ learning to​ ​ control these patterns and enter into them at will. Reiki is​ ​ very beneficial to​ ​ anyone who is​ ​ trying to​ ​ advance their conscious mind and awareness.
The first is​ ​ the​ Beta wave. This is​ ​ the​ conscious mind. Here we suffer from stress,​ worry,​ and fears. it ​ is​ ​ imperative that we start to​ ​ raise and function on​ the​ higher waves that follow.
The second is​ ​ the​ Alpha wave. This is​ ​ the​ dreaming or unconscious mind. it ​ also helps control our extrasensory perception,​ subliminal suggestions,​ and can take us to​ ​ higher states of ​ awareness. This is​ ​ only a​ ​ very minimal state – the​ first stage. We can access hidden memories,​ visions of ​ the​ future,​ or even past lives. Sometimes we even problem solve something that has been bothering us for weeks and wake up knowing the​ answer.
The third is​ ​ the​ Theta wave. This unlocks the​ subconscious mind. This wave is​ ​ even deeper in​ ​ extrasensory perception and can be the​ start of ​ psychokinesis. it ​ is​ ​ the​ level that can help you​ stop pain and reach higher hypnosis levels. When you​ are meditating,​ this is​ ​ the​ level you​ want to​ ​ reach.
The fourth is​ ​ the​ Delta wave. This leads us to​ ​ the​ super-conscious mind. This wave is​ ​ found during levels of ​ deep sleep. At this level is​ ​ where your spiritual power,​ wisdom,​ and experience become available to​ ​ you. you​ can contact your spirit guides,​ see past lives,​ travel astrally,​ and connect to​ ​ your higher mind.
As you​ practice self Reiki each day,​ take some time to​ ​ feel the​ energy flowing in​ ​ and around you. you​ will soon become aware of ​ the​ different brain waves and begin to​ ​ figure out which one you​ have accessed.
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