Refinancing Points To Remember

Refinancing – Points to​ Remember
You would consider refinancing only when going gets tough and making ends meet becomes difficult with credits looming over large on​ you; and you​ are in​ a​ debt trap with creditors calling on​ you​ day-in and day-out .​
Refinancing is​ your option if​ it​ helps reduce your net monthly outgo .​
Weigh the​ pros and cons of​ the​ option and keeping in​ mind,​ the​ hard facts of​ life.
Some Key Points to​ Ponder
1 .​
Reducing your monthly installments .​
Multiple credits and mortgages bog you​ down with accumulated interests .​
a​ reasonable refinancing reduces the​ monthly outgo and the​ number of​ checks to​ write for a​ similar period.
2 .​
Breakeven time .​
Although it​ depends on​ multitude of​ factors,​ sooner the​ breakeven the​ better.
3 .​
Points to​ ponder .​
Points are onetime percentage costs included into your mortgage .​
Higher the​ point lower will be the​ interest rate .​
Make a​ judgment depending on​ your situation.
4 .​
Risk reduction by paying off high cost flexible interest refinance.
5 .​
Weigh the​ option of​ high closing cost with lower interest rate against no/low closing cost with high interest over the​ same or​ lesser period.
6 .​
Consider refinancing if​ you​ can generate some extra income through refinancing .​
The comforts of​ additional resources cushion your efforts to​ see off debts quicker than you​ imagined .​
If not,​ it​ is​ going to​ take you​ from bad to​ worse.
7 .​
You can refinance that portion of​ the​ debt which was shared by your spouse before divorcing.
8 .​
Secured refinance gets you​ lowest interest .​
You can use your home equity to​ secure refinancing.
9 .​
Tax matters .​
Taxation differs when you​ switchover from one credit to​ another or​ when you​ refinance an​ existing loan .​
Consulting an​ expert must be your top priority.
10 .​
Paper work .​
None of​ the​ above points hold well,​ unless you​ got all your requisite papers in​ place.
Don’t haste through the​ steps .​
Keep in​ mind this is​ your last straw .​
Check the​ credentials of​ the​ lender before you​ sign on​ the​ dotted line .​
It takes a​ very hard effort to​ keep away from scrupulous operators .​
Speak to​ their customers to​ get an​ insight .​
Understand their processes before committing yourself .​
Better still,​ take notes and compare with other lender’s credentials .​
With due diligence,​ and keeping the​ key points in​ mind,​ re-financing,​ is​ afterall not a​ big eye-monster that is​ hard to​ tame .​
Once that re-financing monster is​ tame,​ your financial status should recover in​ no time.
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