Record Numbers Are Travelling To Egypt

Ever wondered what it’s like at​ the​ centre of​ an​ Egyptian pyramid? Those who have been on​ holiday to​ Egypt may have powerful memories of​ this,​ along with the​ hubbub of​ the​ Egyptian marketplace,​ inquisitive locals sucking on​ shisha pipes,​ chaotic mingling of​ people and traffic,​ hieroglyphics,​ the​ ethereal mask of​ Tutankhamun and tourist guides proffering camel rides and souvenirs at​ Giza. Steeped in​ ancient history,​ Egypt is​ an​ explosion of​ vibrant colour and mystical intrigue. Travel to​ Egypt and you’ll remember it​ for the​ rest of​ your life!

Tourism in​ Egypt

Where else could you​ sit on​ a​ camel and gaze up at​ the​ imposing Great Sphinx through a​ hazy desert sunset? Egypt is​ so crammed with drama and energy that it’s no wonder the​ number of​ holidays to​ Egypt has reached record levels. According to​ news agency Mena,​ 9.7 million went to​ Egypt on​ holiday in​ 2018-7,​ an​ increase of​ 13 per cent on​ the​ previous year. Hospitality for those travelling in​ Egypt is​ clearly thriving and there is​ a​ good choice of​ hotels in​ the​ tourist areas of​ Cairo,​ Luxor,​ Aswan and Alexandria,​ as​ well as​ the​ tourist resorts of​ Hurghada and Sharm-el Sheikh.

When to​ go

Due to​ its proximity to​ the​ equator,​ Egypt’s climate is​ hot and dry and winters are mild. in​ the​ summer,​ daytime temperatures often exceed 45C. Whilst many of​ the​ historic sites may be empty during mid-summer,​ the​ searing heat limits sightseeing for most to​ mornings and evenings. as​ a​ result of​ this,​ and the​ equally alarming prospect of​ being hounded by swarms of​ summer mosquitoes,​ the​ most popular time to​ travel to​ Egypt is​ mid-October to​ May,​ when it​ is​ not too uncomfortably hot to​ explore the​ country’s many visitor sites.

Holidays in​ Egypt

A holiday in​ Egypt has so much to​ offer and cheap Egyptian holidays can be found on​ certain websites. Visitors to​ Egypt can entertain themselves with such unique experiences as​ a​ cruise down the​ Nile,​ a​ Saharan wildlife safari or​ a​ tour of​ Egypt’s bustling capital,​ Cairo. Egypt is​ well connected by trains but many tourists discover finding their own way around such a​ large country a​ daunting prospect and,​ as​ a​ result,​ package tours of​ Egypt are increasingly popular.

Shopping in​ Egypt

Shopping in​ Egypt is​ an​ opportunity not to​ be missed. Locally made goods are abundant and,​ for the​ proficient haggler,​ can be obtained at​ very good prices. Egyptian cotton is​ renowned for its purity and luxuriant scarves,​ hand-made carpets,​ perfume concentrates,​ authentic papyrus and pharaonic objects can all be found at​ local bazaars. the​ Khan-al-Khalili bazaar in​ Cairo,​ a​ shopping area since 1382,​ is​ particularly popular among those on​ holiday in​ Egypt due to​ its extensive range of​ goods and central location.

The Pyramids

Any tour of​ Egypt would be incomplete without a​ visit to​ the​ iconic Pyramids of​ Giza,​ the​ Great Pyramid being one of​ the​ Seven Wonders of​ the​ World,​ as​ well as​ having been the​ world’s tallest structure for over 3,​800 years. Ever since these massive funerary homes were constructed for Egypt’s great Pharaohs of​ 2700-2200 BC they have been a​ source of​ fascination for travellers. While the​ structures may look impressive today,​ at​ the​ time they were built the​ pyramids were capped with gold and covered with polished white limestone.

As for what it’s like at​ the​ centre,​ in​ case you​ were wondering,​ there’s a​ tomb,​ it’s swelteringly hot,​ there are dozens of​ tourists exhausted from struggling,​ bent-double,​ through the​ tiny corridors,​ and there may just be a​ lurking opportunist gathering ‘payment’.
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