Reasons Why People Choose To Cruise Travel

Why do people choose to​ go on​ cruises,​ instead of​ booking a​ plane flight? One thing that attracts people to​ these large boats and cruises is​ the​ food. Not only does a​ cruise offer breakfast,​ lunch and dinner,​ they also offer midnight buffets,​ afternoon snack buffets,​ ice cream bars and 24-hour room service! There is​ a​ veritable open bar on​ food. you​ can eat casually or​ formally. you​ can have a​ large meal or​ a​ small meal. you​ can eat with hundreds of​ people or​ privately. Keep in​ mind,​ of​ course,​ that the​ quality of​ the​ cruise line determines the​ quality of​ the​ food. Also remember that many of​ the​ cruise ships are feeding approximately 2000 people 10 meals per day!

A cruise offers everything you​ could possibly want from a​ getaway: entertainment,​ relaxation,​ great food,​ and variety. Next time,​ don’t overlook that great big boat out in​ the​ harbor.

Entertainment is​ another attraction. Most cruise lines run full-scale production shows,​ have live bands,​ and/or add other specials for the​ children. the​ Disney® Cruise line offers meals with Disney characters and special entertainment geared towards the​ younger crowd. Floating casinos adorn most cruise ships to​ the​ delight of​ many adults who use this as​ their evening entertainment. Having activities planned throughout the​ entire day,​ some cruise lines are like floating day camps. you​ can be as​ active or​ inactive as​ you​ choose to​ be.

Cruises offer one-stop-shopping. Variety. One flight plus one boat equals lots of​ different locations. it​ would be impossible to​ attempt to​ visit each port individually outside of​ a​ cruise line. it​ would be very expensive and much too time consuming. There would be no time for fun. Once aboard the​ ship,​ you​ leave only to​ visit the​ places of​ port. No need to​ pack and unpack. No need for unnecessary travel. on​ the​ ship,​ you​ have any number of​ things to​ keep you​ entertained while waiting for the​ next docking.

Carnival® Cruises is​ great for the​ first time cruiser. it​ has many departure sites around the​ country. Land and sea prices are available for those who need to​ fly to​ a​ port of​ departure. Just a​ few of​ the​ destinations to​ which Carnival® Cruise Lines will take you​ include: the​ Bahamas,​ Aruba,​ St. Thomas,​ St. John,​ San Juan Puerto Rico,​ the​ Caribbean,​ the​ Keys,​ Cozumel,​ Hawaii,​ Alaska,​ Martinique and Barbados.

Celebrity® Cruises is​ higher-end. it​ has a​ sophisticated AquaSpa on​ board and sports a​ unique art collection on​ the​ Galaxy ship as​ well. Celebrity® has received a​ 5-star rating for its cuisine (not food but cuisine). if​ all of​ that is​ not impressive enough,​ it​ also includes an​ in-cabin entertainment and information center.

Radisson® Seven Seas,​ Seaborn® Cruises and Windstar® Cruises offer even more luxury than the​ Celebrity® line. the​ Radisson® offers the​ ultimate luxurious experience by managing suites only. it​ also offers unique destinations such as​ Tahiti,​ French Polynesia,​ Antarctica,​ the​ Mediterranean,​ and Europe. the​ Windstar® line has romantic trimasted ships and sail to​ the​ Caribbean,​ the​ Americas,​ the​ Greek Isles and Europe.

As you​ can see,​ there are cruise lines for everyone. These lines are just a​ few of​ the​ many options of​ cruises. But every line has something which makes it​ unique,​ so you​ might want to​ do some research to​ make sure you​ find the​ cruise you​ were looking for.
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