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Rajasthan is​ colourful,​ vibrant,​ incredibly attractive & simply irresistible. the​ magic of​ Rajasthan is​ unparallel in​ the​ world for its heritage,​ culture,​ safaris,​ sand dunes and lush green forests with its wildlife. Rajasthan is​ also known for the​ fine handicraft,​ jewelry and textiles produced by skilled traditional craftsmen. the​ main attractions of​ Rajasthan's wildlife are --the majestic elephant,​ the​ dance of​ the​ peacock,​ the​ camel stride,​ the​ roar of​ the​ tiger etc. Besides camel safaris across the​ Thar Desert,​ listening to​ the​ folk music and enjoying folk dances in​ the​ nights are an​ experience that you​ can never forget. And the​ major attraction of​ Rajasthan is​ its elegant forts and palaces.

Rajasthan,​ a​ land of​ princes,​ palaces and is​ renowned for its monuments,​ art and culture that go back to​ several centuries. Rajasthan with a​ treasure of​ history,​ picturesque architecture and bewitching landscape is​ an​ unparalleled destination on​ the​ tourist map of​ India.

Rajasthan Travel Tour is​ an​ online travel portal dedicated to​ the​ tourism of​ Rajasthan. Its a​ one stop solution for all your travel needs,​ whether it​ is​ related to​ any information regarding rajasthan or​ booking of​ tour packages. a​ number of​ Rajasthan tour operators are registered with our portal and travel enquiries generated through the​ portal is​ entertained by them.

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