Rain Or Shine New Technology Keeps Travelers Connected

As last year's hurricanes and tornadoes demonstrated,​ Mother Nature can be devastating. When the​ storms came and the​ power went,​ some people relied on​ high-tech innovations to​ cope.

Skip Holmes and his family,​ for instance,​ turned to​ their vehicle's TracVision satellite TV antenna to​ stay constantly connected to​ live television updates. Rugged and durable,​ TracVision antennae pick up hundreds of​ channels of​ DirecTV satellite television,​ ensuring that travelers on​ the​ road - and people whose homes have lost power - have access to​ live news and real-time weather.

Holmes,​ an​ expert in​ mobile electronics,​ was one of​ millions of​ Florida residents pummeled by four hurricanes in​ a​ row last August and September.

With no power inside their home,​ Holmes and his family often could be found in​ their driveway,​ huddled together in​ their Chevrolet Tahoe watching live satellite TV using their TracVision A5.

"We would actually run out the​ front door to​ the​ car in​ the​ middle of​ the​ storm,​" Holmes said. "There were periods of​ rain that were so bad,​ you​ couldn't even see across the​ street. Quite frequently,​ I'd be sitting in​ my SUV,​ watching the​ Weather Channel. Throughout it​ all,​ we never lost the​ reception."

That live TV access helped the​ family keep up with the​ hurricanes,​ especially after original forecasts began to​ change. it​ also came in​ handy in​ the​ two long weeks that they were without power after the​ storms.

In less chaotic situations,​ Holmes and his family enjoy their TracVision A5 on​ long road trips.

The TracVision A5 sits 5 inches high and receives more than 125 channels of​ satellite TV and commercial-free music while a​ vehicle is​ in​ motion.
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