Rail Passes Offer Discount Train Travel Throughout Europe

Consecutive or​ flexi travel? One country or​ a​ whole bunch? Saver passes? Rail 'n Drive? Overwhelmed with trying to​ pick the​ right European rail pass? Possibilities can be daunting... but choosing the​ perfect pass can save you​ time and money. a​ rail pass lets you​ bypass long ticket lines at​ the​ train station. you​ won't have to​ wrestle with an​ unfamiliar language just to​ buy a​ ticket. Best of​ all,​ you'll save cash -- providing you​ choose the​ right pass.

European rail pass types vary to​ suit a​ range of​ routes and whims. Best known is​ the​ original Eurail Global Pass which lets you​ meander back and forth among 18 countries. Eurail Select Pass -- formerly Europass -- lets pass holders crisscross three,​ four or​ five bordering countries. Multi-country passes are for exploring selected regions and some adjoining countries. There are also a​ wide range of​ single-country passes available.

European rail passes are available in​ two formats. Consecutive passes,​ valid from two weeks to​ three months,​ permit non-stop travel for the​ duration of​ the​ pass (ie: a​ 15-day pass is​ valid for 15 consecutive days of​ travel). Flexi passes are designed for itineraries entailing a​ limited number of​ travel days over an​ extended period: generally,​ from three to​ 10 travel days within a​ two-month period. Rail 'n Drive flexi passes include several days of​ car rental.

Classes of​ travel vary. Eurail Global Pass and Eurail Select Pass are for first class train travel only. Multi-country passes and single-country passes are available for first class travel and,​ sometimes,​ second class travel. Youth passes,​ as​ well as​ Scanrail and Norway rail passes,​ accommodate only second class.

Most passes are available at​ discounts. Saver passes cut expenses for group travel by train. Youth passes can be a​ great deal for students and gap year breaks and older travelers are sometimes eligible for discounted senior passes. Kids under 12 get up to​ half off when accompanied by an​ adult (tots,​ under age four,​ generally travel free). Some passes will get you​ free or​ discounted travel on​ ferries,​ buses and private trains (even Eurostar) -- plus sleeper upgrades and deals on​ hotels and local attractions.

If you​ plan to​ "pass" through Europe,​ read the​ fine print. a​ few guidelines prevail. Buy your rail passes before you​ leave home because they're very hard to​ find in​ Europe. Although passes don't guarantee you​ a​ seat it's generally unnecessary to​ reserve a​ place in​ advance. Exceptions are for travel during peak times and aboard selected trains,​ like TGVs,​ which require reservations at​ all times. Always have your passport handy and be sure to​ get your rail pass validated before boarding a​ train for the​ first time.

Lastly,​ be mindful of​ the​ ubiquitous caveat: conditions,​ restrictions and fees may apply. to​ learn more,​ visit the​ Euro Rail Pass Guide at​ TrainTraveling.com http://www.traintraveling.com/eurorailpassguide
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