Protecting Your Pets Plates

Consumers know food manufacturers have systems in​ place that reduce the​ risk of​ food-borne illness and other potential hazards in​ our food. Less common,​ is​ awareness of​ the​ rigorous policies of​ some pet food manufacturers to​ guarantee the​ quality and safety of​ your pet's next meal.

For example,​ Diamond Pet Foods follows a​ quality assurance plan in​ its manufacturing plants that requires its product to​ pass 151 safety and quality checks before it​ reaches your pet's food dish. the​ system is​ designed to​ add extra layers of​ protection.

"We believe pet owners should be able to​ purchase premium products at​ an​ affordable price,​ and,​ for the​ past 35 years,​ we've been committed to​ providing affordable,​ high-quality pet food options,​" said Mark Brinkmann,​ the​ company's chief operations officer. "The 151-check system will help us continue offering reasonably priced,​ premium products by adding extra assurance that our ingredients are top-quality and safe."

The system consists of​ 141 separate tests and checks on​ the​ incoming pet food ingredients,​ and 10 safety and quality checks on​ the​ final bagged product prior to​ shipment.

For testing of​ incoming grain ingredients,​ 12 samples are taken of​ each shipment,​ which is​ three times the​ sample number regulatory standards require.

Mark Mascarenhas,​ the​ company's quality control director,​ said the​ substantial final product tests provide additional assurance before the​ product is​ shipped to​ the​ customer.

"We have built redundancies into our 151-check system as​ an​ extra measure to​ prevent error,​" said Mascarenhas. "Our quality system uses the​ latest technology and equipment,​ and high-quality ingredients that help animals digest nutrients."

All of​ the​ company's products are "precision formulated" for content,​ quality,​ consistency and uniformity. in​ addition to​ its commitment to​ safety and quality,​ Diamond undergoes audits by a​ respected independent laboratory for food safety,​ quality and palatability.
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