Protect Your Jewelry When Traveling

Protect Your Jewelry When Traveling
If you​ have travel plans in​ your future,​ think carefully if​ you​ really need to​ take all your expensive jewelry .​
the​ risk of​ theft,​ loss and damage increases as​ soon as​ you​ start your trip because you​ are in​ new surroundings,​ doing new activities and often in​ tourist areas that are the​ target of​ pickpockets,​ thieves and con artists.
If you​ are traveling out of​ the​ country,​ check to​ be sure your jewelry insurance covers your property when you​ are traveling outside the​ United States .​
Because the​ risk of​ theft is​ so much higher in​ foreign countries,​ some insurance companies only provide domestic coverage.
To avoid inviting crime,​ plan to​ dress inconspicuously to​ blend into the​ environment,​ especially when in​ another country .​
When traveling internationally,​ consider taking and wearing no jewelry .​
Criminals assume all tourists are wealthy so if​ you​ choose to​ wear jewelry,​ turn rings around so the​ diamonds are not showing and avoid dangling earrings .​
Large,​ expensive-looking jewelry is​ an​ attractive target and it​ is​ easy to​ snatch dangling earrings.
It is​ never wise to​ put jewelry items in​ checked baggage,​ especially with security personnel going through your belongings .​
the​ percentage of​ bags lost by airlines continues to​ increase and their liability for your lost luggage is​ very limited .​
Keep your jewelry and other valuables like money,​ keys,​ wallets,​ tickets,​ cameras,​ and medications in​ your carryon luggage .​
If airport security requires going through your carryon,​ request a​ private place so other travelers will not see your valuables.
Be especially careful with your valuables in​ hotel rooms because they are open to​ cleaning personnel several times a​ day and safes in​ hotel rooms are not particularly secure .​
How many times have you​ walked by hotel rooms with doors wide open and cleaning crews not visible? Professional criminals know the​ cleaning procedures and can quickly enter your room when cleaning service personnel are not looking.
If you​ do not put your jewelry in​ your luggage or​ leave it​ in​ your hotel room,​ that means you​ are carrying it​ with you​ but that can be a​ problem at​ the​ security checks at​ airports or​ when carrying something all day as​ you​ travel or​ are sightseeing .​
Many valuables disappear after being left for a​ few moments in​ a​ bag at​ a​ restaurant,​ transportation waiting room,​ restroom,​ or​ ticket line .​
Thieves patiently wait for travelers to​ let their guard down for just a​ minute and grab their bag without anyone noticing.
Theft is​ only one of​ the​ risks when traveling .​
Often a​ vacation includes some time at​ the​ beach,​ pool or​ hot tub .​
the​ sand and concrete can easily scratch precious metals in​ jewelry as​ well as​ gemstones that are not as​ hard as​ diamonds .​
Chlorine can also weaken and discolor precious metals .​
Travelers often expose their jewelry to​ risks they would never think of​ doing at​ home.
Carrying jewelry when traveling also needs some special care .​
Diamonds,​ gemstones and metal can scratch each other if​ carried together in​ a​ single bag .​
Place fine jewelry in​ separate cloth bags or​ put in​ separate compartments of​ a​ jewelry bag made for travel .​
Then be sure to​ carry the​ jewelry case in​ a​ purse or​ carryon.
The purpose of​ most vacations is​ to​ relax,​ not to​ impress the​ locals,​ so minimize jewelry when traveling .​
If you​ do take jewelry,​ be aware that you​ are in​ new and potentially dangerous surroundings .​
Take special care of​ your valuables and enjoy your trip.
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