Professional Travel Health Advice

The best Professional Travel Health Advice about food and drink on​ holiday,​ can easily be summarised as​ follows

1. the​ first thing to​ realise is​ that unpasteurised milk,​ non bottled drinks ,​ and uncooked food,​ are likely to​ be contaminated and therefore possibly unsafe. This does not include fruit which can be peeled.

2. Use bottled or​ boiled water for cleaning your teeth.

3. Don't open your mouth and drink water in​ the​ shower.

4. Dishes containing raw or​ undercooked eggs,​ such as​ home-made mayonnaise,​ some sauces (e.g. hollandaise) and some desserts (e.g. mousses),​ are not a​ good idea.

5. Ice-cream that doesn't have a​ recognisable international brand name,​ and could be made locally,​ is​ often contaminated and could be a​ danger.

6. When confronted with cooked food,​ the​ holidaymaker should ensure that it​ has been thoroughly and freshly cooked; i.e. that it​ is​ piping hot.

7. Be aware of​ eating out the​ day after a​ public holiday,​ as​ reheated food appears,​ and it​ can be dangerous.

8. Foods that are cooked in​ advance need to​ be held at​ a​ temperature of​ below 10 C or​ above 60 C to​ ensure their safety.

9.Cooked food left out for some time constitutes one of​ the​ greatest risks of​ food borne disease. Contaminating or​ surviving bacteria may multiply in​ it​ if​ it​ is. Put another way,​ if​ the​ food has been cooked but not refrigerated between cooking and serving,​ because it​ has been left out,​ then you​ could be taking a​ risk eating it. This means attractive cold buffets are very definitely unsafe if​ they have been laid out hours before being eaten.

10. Unpasteurised milk should be boiled before it​ is​ drunk. 11. Bottles of​ drinking water that contain non carbonated water should be regarded with suspicion,​ unless you​ see the​ seal broken in​ front of​ you,​ because it​ could be straight from the​ TAP!!

12. Ice should be avoided unless made from safe water.

13. Drinks such as​ wine or​ beer hot tea or​ coffee,​ and carbonated soft drinks or​ fruit juices that are bottled or​ otherwise packaged are usually safe to​ drink.

14. Apply strict hygiene while away especially after using the​ bathroom and before you​ eat food - never use communal,​ damp towels in​ public conveniences! Use disposable paper towels or​ hot air.

BASIC TRAVEL HEALTH ADVICE SAYS boil it,​ cook it,​ peel it,​ or​ forget it.
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