Private Jet Charter Traveling With Pets

Can't bear to​ leave the​ family pet in​ a​ kennel and don't want your trusted companion stuck in​ commercial's cargo section? No need to​ worry. One benefit of​ private jet travel is​ the​ opportunity to​ take the​ pride and joy of​ the​ family with you​ in​ the​ main cabin.

Despite the​ fact that pets are often considered members of​ the​ family,​ the​ FAA classifies pets as​ cargo. Generally this means they must be appropriately secured,​ most commonly in​ an​ animal carrier,​ during takeoff and landing for the​ safety to​ themselves and others. International travel poses additional procedures and restrictions,​ and these may differ from one country to​ another.

Prior to​ booking your flight,​ inform your charter operator if​ you​ plan to​ travel with your pet. They can check if​ there are any restrictions or​ requirements and ensure that the​ jet can accommodate your pet.

Some Helpful Tips:
• if​ using a​ travel carrier for the​ first time,​ give your pet at​ least a​ month prior to​ your flight to​ become familiar with the​ carrier to​ minimize his or​ her stress during travel.
• Talk with your veterinarian about prescription tranquilizers if​ you​ are considering sedating your pet during travel. Make sure to​ specify it​ is​ for air travel.
• Bring along a​ confirmation of​ your pets immunization (to verify a​ clean bill of​ health).
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