Prime Ways To Promote Your Travel Business

Kick up some excitement about your travel business and help kick up some sales! No need to​ be hum drum about your promotional efforts. Crank things up a​ notch with these ideas:

1) Create a​ travel directory or​ travel tip guide and give it​ away to​ your prospects as​ a​ download,​ print guide and/ or​ offer it​ on​ your website. you​ can include travel tips,​ best places to​ travel with families,​ best places to​ travel with pets,​ cruise ships to​ choose from,​ hot vacation spots for singles and all other types of​ travel information. Brand your directory and save it​ in​ a​ zip file on​ your server. Then include the​ download link in​ an​ autoresponder message and set up a​ subscriber form for website visitors. That way your travel directory will be available 24/7 via automation.

Have print copies handy for mailings,​ functions and events where you​ are able to​ promote. Mail print versions out to​ prospects who call for more information and even those who email and ask for more information. Let people have something physical to​ hold and to​ keep handy to​ remind them of​ your travel business.

2. Package your travel with other travel goodies and use the​ package as​ give-aways,​ at​ fundraisers and on​ other promotions. Ideas on​ what to​ package with it​ are: other travel directories or​ travel tip guides on​ different themes (start a​ series),​ fun travel gifts that fit into your budget and are even branded with your business information like pens,​ stationary,​ postcards,​ water bottles,​ key chains,​ scratch pads,​ medicine carrying containers,​ candies,​ mints,​ gum,​ checkbook covers,​ travel vouchers,​ high lighters,​ fanny packs,​ small first aid kits,​ snack packs,​ and other fun travel accessories. For help finding fun goodies,​ look up “promotional products” on​ the​ web or​ in​ your local yellow pages under marketing subject headings to​ find dealers who have catalogues full of​ stuff for your promotions.

3. Team up with others in​ your promotions. Package something from travel-related companies with your special and try to​ work out a​ deal with fellow business owner / operators. For example,​ maybe you​ could package your goodies in​ a​ carrying case,​ supplied by another vendor who wants to​ cross-promote and help pay for ads. Be creative and open to​ joint venture ideas like these and see how you​ can team up to​ share costs in​ advertising and also share leads.

So put some prime time effort into your promotions. And kick up some excitement,​ new leads and sales!
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