Prime Palapas In Punta Cana Punta Cana Travel Information

The east shore of​ the​ Dominican Republic is​ a​ long stretch of​ white sand beaches,​ celebrity villas and exclusive resorts known as​ Punta Cana. Although Punta Cana is​ an​ actual city,​ the​ title refers to​ the​ entire 63 kilometer beachside region from Bávaro to​ Cabeza de Toro. With a​ plethora of​ all-inclusive resorts and countless ocean activities right out the​ front door,​ this tropical paradise is​ the​ ideal getaway for honeymooners,​ anniversaries,​ families and singles alike.

Travel to​ Punta Cana and experience the​ absolute final word in​ tropical vacation destinations. the​ Punta Cana International Airport handles over two million travelers per year,​ more than the​ airport in​ the​ capital city of​ Santo Domingo. Secure your airfare to​ Punta Cana this season and lock yourself into some of​ the​ most reasonable resort rates in​ the​ entire Caribbean!

The Exclusive All-Inclusive Punta Cana Experience

Resorts in​ Punta Cana are second to​ none and the​ all-inclusive experience is​ certainly the​ way to​ go. With airfare to​ Punta Cana,​ transportation and numerous activities and amenities included in​ the​ nightly/weekly rates,​ all you​ need to​ do is​ pack your bags. For the​ adventure seekers,​ most resorts include water sports,​ lessons and equipment as​ well as​ guided trips to​ various historic or​ commercial destinations in​ the​ Dominican Republic. the​ capital city of​ Santo Domingo and the​ smaller city of​ Higuey are only a​ short drive away and offer souvenirs as​ well as​ necessities at​ a​ fraction of​ the​ cost of​ the​ Punta Cana resort region.

Some resorts even include the​ opportunity to​ swim with dolphins or​ fly high on​ a​ circus trapeze. Snorkeling,​ jet skiing,​ and wind surfing are all very popular activities as​ well. Luckily,​ the​ entire point is​ protected by coral reefs that make the​ ocean calm enough and accessible for all level of​ swimmer. For those who wish to​ relax throughout the​ vacation,​ full service spas and beauty centers can be found in​ many of​ the​ hotels and resorts. Also,​ full service is​ offered by many establishments out on​ their beaches. Grab a​ palapa by the​ waves and place your drink or​ meal order any time of​ day without moving a​ muscle. For families,​ you​ will find organized kids clubs that provide all-day activities so you​ can get your own rest and relaxation!

Punta Cana Style and Sophistication

Travel to​ Punta Cana for some of​ the​ most luxurious beach,​ spa and dining experiences in​ the​ Caribbean. Oscar de la Renta and the​ Clintons have been known to​ frequent the​ white sand and turquoise water. Others come for the​ best deep sea fishing in​ the​ world. Foodies will find some of​ the​ most sophisticated and intriguing gastronomical offerings ranging from European fare to​ Caribbean tradition. Any way you​ like to​ travel,​ Punta Cana is​ at​ your service.
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