Preparing Your Body For Golf While You Travel

We all know the​ temptations of​ traveling… grabbing a​ slice of​ pizza while running to​ your gate at​ the​ airport,​ an​ elaborate steak dinner with a​ client,​ and being so tired at​ day’s end that all you​ want to​ do is​ fall into bed. Traveling can often create havoc on​ regular exercise and golf conditioning. Fitness and good nutrition while on​ the​ road can help keep you​ on​ top of​ your game. With a​ bit of​ planning and creative strategy you​ can help keep your body ready to​ hit the​ golf course.

First thoughts about travel,​ exercise and maintaining good nutrition can be negative for many. Some will think,​ I don’t have the​ equipment I usually have,​ my meals will all be eating out or​ fast food. Instead of​ giving up on​ preparing your body for golf,​ consider ways to​ maintain a​ good portion of​ your normal fitness and health routine. You’ll be surprised at​ just how much you​ can accomplish. Here’s a​ few tips to​ help:

• as​ you​ plan your trip be sure to​ define your fitness goals while you​ travel. Keep them specific,​ measurable,​ realistic and timely. Consider the​ constraints you’ll have by your travel schedule and logistics.

• When booking your flights and hotel call ahead or​ check the​ internet to​ find details about exercise facilities. if​ no facility is​ available,​ plan alternate activities like an​ in-room workout.

• as​ you​ pack be sure to​ include workout gear as​ space allows.

• if​ your travel involves time-based appointment,​ schedule appointment with yourself for your workout. Treat this appointment just as​ you​ would any other meeting.

You’ll be surprised at​ just how much you​ can accomplish even in​ your hotel room. Stretches,​ and some exercises are easily performed as​ no equipment is​ necessary. With fitness awareness soaring,​ many hotels have first-rate fitness centers with a​ full variety of​ equipment and their own fitness staff. For most travelers,​ the​ best way to​ fit exercise into their day is​ by simply setting the​ alarm a​ bit earlier to​ accommodate time for conditioning. This helps to​ leave the​ remainder of​ the​ day free for your other scheduled activities.

While exercising regularly is​ important for your health and golf game,​ so is​ how you​ eat. it​ is​ so easy to​ get off course when you​ are not at​ home. Try to​ pack snacks for the​ trip and an​ extra water bottle. Travel can place stress on​ the​ body and zap you​ of​ your energy. Snack and meal replacement bars are handy for travelers with hectic schedules. While bars are no substitute for real food (i.e.,​ fresh vegetables,​ fruit,​ and protein),​ they’re a​ certainly a​ step in​ the​ right direction from burgers and fries. as​ you​ choose your bars read the​ label to​ check calorie,​ fat,​ carbohydrate and protein content. All bars are not equal.

With a​ little planning and determination,​ continued conditioning during your travel can keep your body ready for the​ golf course.
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