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Peter Rabbit was a​ figment of​ the​ imagination of​ the​ very creative Beatrix Potter. the​ author was born in​ 1866 in​ Victorian Kensington London. Her home was large and sumptuous,​ her family rich. She was raised with several servants,​ a​ shy girl who wiled away many hours of​ every day by herself. Beatrix Potter learned many artistic things from her governess. She taught the​ writer about music,​ art,​ reading and writing. Her only other regular company was her full time nurse. Beatrix Potter had one brother. Bernard,​ six years her junior was away at​ boarding school most of​ the​ time and Beatrix’s companion only during the​ summer months.

June,​ July and August Beatrix Potter and Bernard Potter together relished the​ outdoors of​ Scotland’s Lake District,​ where the​ family spent its holidays. Bernard and Beatrix ran through woods and fields,​ chasing wild animals and sometimes catching a​ few. They drew sketches of​ their favorite wild creatures living in​ their natural habitats. From these ideal summer days grew Beatrix Potter’s adoration of​ wildlife and the​ natural outdoors. One local influence and adult friend,​ Canon Rawnsley,​ vicar of​ the​ Scots Lake District,​ captured her attention with his stories about how tourism and manufacturing can destroy the​ environment.

The Potter parents were overprotective of​ both Beatrix and Bernard. They discouraged their son and daughter from making any friends of​ the​ other local children their age. Beatrix and Bernard became closer to​ each other because of​ this. Together they created a​ vast pet collection from the​ wild creatures of​ nearby fields and woods. They kept these creatures in​ their own school room. There were times when Beatrix Potter and brother Bernard were caregivers from a​ lizard,​ several water newts,​ a​ snake,​ a​ rabbit,​ a​ turtle and a​ frog – all at​ the​ same time. as​ the​ two siblings cared for the​ habitat,​ they sketched them as​ well. From these creature friends and their sketches grew the​ animal characters of​ the​ Beatrix Potter books.

Benjamin Bouncer was Beatrix Potter’s favorite animal pal. Benjamin was Peter Rabbit’s predecessor. Beatrix found him in​ a​ London bird shop. She kept the​ purchase from her mother and father,​ sneaking him into her nursery in​ a​ paper bag without telling anyone except Bernard. She devised a​ story around Benjamin of​ a​ bunny that loved hot buttered toast and used to​ run quickly into the​ living room every time the​ tea bell rang. He knew tea time meant toast time too.

Peter Piper,​ another Beatrix Potter creation,​ came from the​ antics of​ Beatrix and Bernard’s favorite buck rabbit. They bought the​ bunny in​ Belgium,​ and noted that this particular rabbit loved to​ lie on​ the​ rug in​ front of​ the​ fireplace hearth. the​ Potter tales told of​ a​ Peter Piper that learned tricks quickly,​ jumped through hoops,​ rang bells and played the​ tambourine.
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