Post 9 11 Traveling With Luggage

Ever since 9/11,​ heightened airport security has made it​ much more difficult to​ travel. TSA scanning for explosives is​ required for every piece of​ luggage. the​ problem is​ these scanners cannot tell the​ difference between an​ explosive and a​ chocolate bar. This creates many false alerts and the​ need for airport personnel to​ search through your luggage. it​ also means you​ cannot lock your luggage,​ in​ case it​ has to​ be searched. This can be a​ time-consuming and humiliating experience. And who is​ to​ blame if​ one of​ your items is​ missing or​ damaged after it’s been poked through?

Airlines have also cut back on​ the​ pieces of​ luggage allowed per person and the​ maximum weight of​ those bags. Passengers are shocked to​ learn they will be required to​ pay extra for additional luggage or​ luggage over the​ 50 lb limit.

If you’re planning on​ traveling with luggage,​ the​ hassle is​ enough to​ make you​ want to​ stay home altogether.

This has given rise to​ good old American ingenuity,​ with some companies seeing this turn of​ events as​ an​ opportunity to​ create much needed solutions to​ the​ daily problems faced by travelers.

These companies pick up your luggage and deliver it​ to​ your destination,​ leaving you​ free to​ carry on,​ skipping all the​ security checks. They handle the​ paperwork,​ no tipping is​ necessary,​ and your luggage is​ waiting for you​ when you​ arrive. Be aware that you​ must pack your luggage for shipment to​ your destination two or​ three days earlier than your travel date. if​ you​ like to​ pack last minute,​ you’ll have to​ change your habits. When you​ check out of​ your hotel,​ leave your luggage at​ the​ front desk for pickup and delivery to​ your home in​ time for your arrival.

These companies use couriers like Federal Express to​ transport your luggage,​ sports equipment or​ other items you​ previously may have shipped airfreight. They offer additional customer service that rivals the​ best,​ anticipating your concerns and ensuring your luggage reaches its destination in​ one piece. the​ additional cost is​ well worth the​ savings in​ time and hassle.

Most travelers would agree that the​ idea of​ traveling with no luggage is​ a​ luxury. Today’s airport constrictions can turn a​ longed-for trip into a​ traveler’s nightmare. if​ there are services available that can alleviate some of​ these issues,​ it​ seems unwise not to​ take advantage of​ them.
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