Planning To Travel To Greece

If you​ are planning a​ visit to​ Greece,​ don't miss the​ Hellenic Festival in​ Athens located in​ the​ second century Odeon of​ Herodes Atticus. Planning a​ sea voyage to​ Greece's many islands can be a​ memorable experience. Greece offers mountain climbing,​ sailing,​ windsurfing,​ scuba diving,​ river rafting,​ kayaking,​ and hiking in​ it's beautiful natural settings.

Visiting Piraeus

Piraeus is​ known as​ the​ premier port on​ the​ Aegean Sea and is​ a​ busy hub for travelers and locals. While in​ Piraeus,​ visit the​ Marina Zea and catch a​ ride to​ the​ Saronic Gulf to​ view the​ large yachts,​ restaurants,​ shops and taverns along the​ shoreline. the​ Hellenic Maritime Museum exhibits modern and ancient ships and is​ a​ great place for those interested in​ naval history. Piraeus also offers an​ archeological museum featuring bronzed statues of​ Apollo,​ Athena,​ and Artemis. Kastella Hill offers a​ spectacular view of​ the​ sea and the​ surrounding traditional Greek houses perched on​ the​ scenery. the​ Hill is​ home to​ shops,​ restaurants,​ clubs and coffee houses. Take in​ a​ soccer game of​ the​ Olympiako’s,​ the​ resident,​ champions of​ Greek Soccer.

Amazing Athens

The Acropolis is​ the​ most famous site in​ all of​ Athens and lies in​ the​ center of​ the​ city. it​ contains a​ cluster of​ ancient ruins and is​ very popular among tourists. National Archaeological Museum is​ a​ museum featuring the​ art and artifacts of​ the​ Minoan’s an​ ancient tribe of​ people who once dominated the​ Aegean Sea. the​ Jewish Museum,​ Parthenon,​ and the​ National Gardens are all tourist hot spots in​ Athens. Kolonaki is​ a​ modern Athenian street filled with chic boutiques,​ coffee houses and restaurants.

Staying in​ Athens is​ recommended at​ the​ Hotel Athens,​ the​ Grande Bretagne Hotel,​ the​ Art Hotel,​ the​ Athens Hilton,​ the​ King George Palace,​ the​ Life Gallery Athens Hotel,​ the​ Periscope Hotel,​ and the​ Eridanus Hotel. These hotels are highly recommended by fellow tourists visiting Greece.

Colossal Crete

The Palace of​ Knossos is​ home to​ labyrinthine ruins that have been reported to​ be the​ home to​ the​ monstrous Minotaur,​ a​ half-man,​ half-bull creature that devoured young virgins in​ ancient times. Be sure to​ visit the​ Venetian Walls and Tomb of​ Nikos Kazantzakis,​ the​ historic village of​ Iraklion and the​ beautiful sixteenth century fortress known as​ the​ Venetian Fortezza. Some popular lodgings in​ Crete are: the​ Anastasia Hotel,​ King Minos Palace Hotel,​ the​ Megaron Hotel,​ Mike Hotel and Apartments,​ the​ Galaxy Iraklio Hotel,​ the​ Santa Marina Plaza,​ and the​ Camari Garden Apartments. Greece is​ filled with ancient history,​ beautiful scenery and friendly hospitality. Including Greece in​ your travel itinerary will ensure a​ pleasurable,​ memorable trip for the​ entire family. Greece is​ a​ land that must be experienced to​ be truly appreciated.
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