Pit Bulls Are Worthy Pets

The pit bull is​ probably the​ most misrepresented breed of​ dog there ever is. People generally think of​ pit bulls as​ overaggressive mutts that attack people without even the​ slightest provocation and have the​ capacity to​ maul them to​ death,​ dogs that are good only for engaging in​ dog fights. This image of​ the​ pit bull is​ nowhere near to​ being accurate; they are very much maligned by the​ public in​ general.

Pit bulls are actually very different from the​ way they are often portrayed. Sure,​ they look strong and scary,​ being well muscled and stocky for their size,​ with their barrel chests and brick-shaped heads,​ their thick necks and their powerful jaws. Pit bulls,​ however,​ are very sociable and affectionate dogs,​ especially if​ they are properly trained. Pit bull lovers value these dogs not just for their strength and courage,​ but also for their caring and protective nature.

With proper training and socialization,​ even pit bulls can be the​ gentlest of​ dogs. Their affectionate and caring nature makes them perfect companions and housemates. And because they have a​ high tolerance for pain and rough play,​ pit bulls can be great playmates to​ small children.

If pit bulls are so great,​ how come there are stories of​ them attacking other dogs and people? While there are stories of​ pit bulls being aggressive enough to​ hurt animals and people,​ those incidences are in​ truth few and far between. More often than not,​ the​ media just blew the​ story out of​ proportion or​ did not get the​ facts right. There are times when the​ dog involved is​ not a​ pit bull at​ all and only looks like one.

A pit bull that shows aggressiveness towards other dogs and other animals is​ a​ dog that has not been socialized properly. a​ pit bull that attacks people is​ a​ dog that has been abused to​ the​ point that he has become mentally unstable. When a​ pit bull,​ or​ any other dog for that matter,​ goes berserk,​ it​ is​ the​ fault of​ the​ human owner,​ and not the​ dog himself.

It is​ true,​ however,​ that not all people can own a​ pit bull for a​ pet. to​ be the​ master of​ a​ pit bull,​ one has to​ be prepared to​ meet the​ demanding responsibilities of​ owning such a​ pet. to​ be the​ master of​ a​ pit bull,​ you​ have to​ be a​ person who really is​ capable of​ loving one. if​ you​ are looking into owning a​ pit bull just because you​ want to​ impress people,​ forget it. you​ will only end up doing the​ dog a​ huge disservice.

A pit bull is​ an​ athletic dog that requires a​ lot of​ exercise. it​ would be great if​ you​ have a​ big yard where he can run around to​ his heart’s content. However,​ if​ you​ live in​ an​ apartment,​ it​ is​ still okay to​ own a​ pit bull if​ you​ really want one,​ as​ long as​ you​ take him out for long walks every day. Long walks with your pit bull would be good for your health too.

You need to​ have your house or​ your property secured and fenced if​ you​ decide to​ own a​ pit bull. Pit bulls can be willful and mischievous; he will try to​ jump the​ fence or​ slip through the​ door if​ he can. Also,​ if​ you​ have a​ malicious neighbor who has an​ irrational fear towards pit bulls,​ having your house or​ property secured will keep your dog from being hurt by your neighbors or​ from being stolen.

Caring for a​ pit bull can be pretty expensive. Before you​ get a​ pit bull,​ be sure you​ can afford his upkeep. you​ will need to​ give him proper dog food,​ fit him with a​ good leash and collar,​ take him to​ the​ vet for regular checkups,​ feed him with heartworm medicine every once in​ a​ while,​ build a​ dog house for him,​ and other such things. Dog food alone can amount to​ around $800 a​ year. if​ you​ do not have that much money to​ set aside for caring for a​ pit bull,​ shelve your plan for a​ while until you​ can afford having one around.

Pit bulls also need to​ be trained. Training a​ dog takes the​ entirety of​ his lifetime,​ not just in​ the​ early years. a​ pit bull also needs to​ be controlled all the​ time,​ simply because other people are afraid of​ such dogs. if​ you​ do not exert the​ proper control on​ your pit bull,​ you​ might end up with him being taken away from you. it​ is​ a​ heartbreaking experience that you​ would not want to​ have.

Lastly,​ but most importantly,​ you​ must love your pit bull. Pit bulls are very caring and loving dogs that are very loyal to​ their masters. if​ you​ love your pit bull,​ he will love you​ too.
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