Philippines Travel The Old World Charm Of Ilocos

Going to​ the​ province of​ Ilocos is​ like treading back in​ time. Not only for the​ Spanish colonial houses,​ but for the​ simple,​ laid-back feel of​ the​ towns and its people.

In old times,​ Ilocandia has been described as​ a​ God-forsaken land because of​ its arid and difficult terrain. But the​ hardy people of​ this province had the​ patience and the​ will to​ survive,​ and eventually turned it​ into a​ lush and abundant highland. Amidst all these,​ is​ a​ rich history consisting of​ legendary uprisings,​ monumental edifices,​ and noble men and women who have made Ilocos a​ unique and remarkable place that it​ is​ today.

Vigan is​ a​ sleepy town at​ the​ heart of​ Ilocos Sur. It’s easy to​ find your way around because the​ people are friendly and warm to​ visitors. at​ the​ center of​ the​ town is​ Plaza Salcedo erected in​ honor of​ Juan Salcedo who named this place Ciudad Fernandina after King Ferdinand of​ Spain. Right across the​ plaza is​ the​ St. Paul’s Cathedral built in​ 1641 and which came under the​ Diocese of​ Nueva Segovia in​ 1758.

A few minutes walk will bring you​ to​ the​ Burgos House. Now converted into a​ museum,​ the​ house is​ the​ birthplace of​ Fr. Jose Burgos,​ one of​ the​ priests executed in​ Cavite during the​ revolution. the​ museum houses what were left of​ the​ Burgos family belongings which include antique furnitures,​ clothing and other artifacts donated by some prominent families in​ Vigan.

Indeed,​ Vigan is​ best known for its Castillian houses with old tile roofs,​ hardwood floorings and azoteas. These houses are located in​ Heritage Village which is​ the​ core of​ the​ Mestizo district. Some of​ the​ houses remain in​ possession of​ descendants of​ their original owners with the​ antique interiors and furnishings intact,​ while some of​ these ancestral homes have been turned into cozy inns,​ museums,​ and souvenir shops.

Although many of​ these houses have been converted into commercial establishments,​ the​ brick structures are preserved. the​ whole block breathes in​ an​ eerie feeling emphasized more by the​ calezas or​ horse-drawn carriages which remain a​ mode of​ transportation around town.

You can buy real or​ reproduction antique furniture around VIgan’s antique stores or​ visit pottery factories along Rizal street for ceramic products. These factories will be more than happy to​ give a​ demonstration on​ pottery-making. you​ can also buy woven blankets and table napkins at​ low prices.

Vigan has been declared a​ World Heritage Site and it​ is​ recommended that you​ view the​ houses at​ night with the​ streets lighted perfectly and the​ air cool.
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