Philippines Travel Exploring Sagada On A Shoe String Budget

Urban dwellers would normally prefer to​ rove around the​ metropolis and explore every side-street in​ search for ideal refuge,​ more than traveling to​ remote provinces. However,​ there are more than 7,​000 reasons to​ explore the​ parameters of​ this archipelago,​ taking into account its profuse land and marine resources and myriad sanctuaries.

Among the​ many interesting regions in​ the​ Philippines is​ the​ mountainous terrain and savanna in​ northern Luzon as​ inscribed in​ the​ UNESCO World Heritage List. Part of​ this region is​ Sagada. With a​ measly P2,​500,​ a​ determined explorer can take a​ fulfilling jaunt to​ Sagada—a serene mountain community in​ Mt. Province. the​ adventurous travelers would customarily take the​ 10-hour bus ride from Manila to​ Banaue,​ Ifugao (via Solano,​ Nueva Ecija route) that costs not more than P300.

In Banaue,​ travelers have the​ option to​ take the​ day off and trek along the​ well-engineered Banaur Rice Terraces or​ take a​ jeepney ride to​ Bontoc and from there,​ one can catch a​ bus ride to​ a​ more tranquil region,​ Sagada in​ Mt. Province.

Sagada has economical lodging houses and hotels to​ spend the​ night over. For as​ low as​ P200,​ a​ traveler can avail of​ a​ bedroom for two and a​ well-scrubbed common bathroom with sufficient amount of​ water—for an​ overnight abode. Even though electricity and water are accessible in​ these highland regions,​ one of​ the​ guidelines in​ immersing to​ remote areas is​ not to​ expect for urban amenities.

However,​ the​ lack of​ adequate necessities is​ not an​ hindrance to​ any devoted backpacker. Indeed,​ the​ remarkable view of​ the​ mountains,​ sight of​ abundant natural resources,​ and exposure to​ mountain community are enough reasons to​ enjoy the​ trip.

Trekking along the​ narrow mountain trails of​ Batad and Bangaan Villages in​ Banaue is​ one of​ the​ many leisure options where panoramic views of​ the​ terraces can be enjoyed. to​ keep track of​ the​ trail,​ a​ number of​ villagers can be hired for hours as​ tour guides.

The trip is​ truly breathtaking and for an​ amateur trekker,​ the​ long hours of​ walk should not impede them to​ reach the​ other side of​ the​ trail. There are a​ number of​ brooks along the​ curvy mountain range that are guaranteed to​ quench one’s thirst during the​ hours of​ hike. Meanwhile,​ the​ awe-inspiring endpoint is​ an​ antidote to​ muscle pain.

Batad is​ comparable to​ realizing the​ pot of​ gold at​ the​ other end of​ the​ rainbow. it​ boasts of​ scenic and unspoiled layers of​ rice fields forming a​ colossal amphitheater,​ where native Ifugaos mostly dwell. the​ terraces is​ still a​ functional source of​ livelihood and personal sustenance for Ifugaos,​ except for some where irrigation systems have been destroyed through seepage,​ landslides,​ prolonged drought,​ erosion,​ and other inevitable natural calamities.
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