Philippine Travel When And Where

When you’re about to​ embark on​ a​ journey to​ the​ Philippines,​ the​ two most important questions to​ ask is​ “when” and “where”. if​ you’re traveling to​ the​ Philippines,​ do be aware that the​ experiences you’re about to​ encounter is​ unlike anything you’d encounter anywhere else in​ the​ world. Each and every country has its own unique experience to​ offer you​ and when you​ travel to​ the​ Philippines,​ you​ should expect the​ same.

When is​ it​ Best to​ Travel to​ the​ Philippines?

Are you​ allergic to​ rain? if​ so,​ it​ would do you​ good to​ avoid traveling to​ this part of​ Southeast Asia during the​ months of​ June till November as​ that’s when the​ occasional typhoon or​ two makes time to​ visit the​ Philippines. Traveling during the​ rainy season of​ the​ Philippines can be quite a​ hassle,​ especially if​ you​ don’t have a​ car. But if​ you​ do,​ you​ could expect smaller crowds to​ contend with as​ most people tend to​ stay indoors.

If you’re unable to​ take the​ heat and still be merry,​ then you​ should not travel to​ the​ Philippines during the​ months of​ March till May because that’s officially the​ summer season of​ the​ country. Everyone heads for the​ nearest beach so if​ you​ don’t want to​ feel crowded when you’re sunbathing,​ set your travel date for another time of​ the​ year. the​ Easter season is​ always busy for everyone in​ the​ Philippines so expect a​ difficult time on​ reserving transportation when it’s Holy Week.

If you’re on​ the​ lookout for the​ world-famous fiestas that only the​ Philippines could offer,​ schedule your travel date for January,​ May or​ December. the​ flower season of​ Baguio – described as​ the​ summer capital of​ the​ Philippines because of​ its perennially cool weather – is​ something to​ look forward to. And then there’s the​ Santacruzan during May and which each and every town parades its most beautiful residents in​ a​ walk around town.

Where in​ the​ Philippines is​ it​ Best to​ Travel To?

There are so many types of​ places to​ visit in​ the​ Philippines that it’s hard to​ enumerate each and every one of​ them. Beaches,​ however,​ are one of​ the​ most favorite travel spots of​ the​ country so if​ you​ want to​ enjoy your stay in​ a​ beautiful paradise of​ clear blue green water and cool white sand,​ you​ could check out Tali Beach,​ the​ world-famous Boracay or​ try surfing the​ secluded beaches of​ Surigao and La Union.
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