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If your Asia tour includes a​ long stay in​ the​ Philippines,​ we suggest that you​ add in​ a​ visit to​ Ongpin or​ Chinatown,​ which is​ how most people call it​ as​ well,​ as​ part of​ your travel program,​ especially if​ you’ll in​ Manila – the​ capital city of​ the​ country – for a​ while yet.

Ongpin or​ Chinatown may not be as​ popular as​ other places in​ the​ Philippines but that doesn’t mean it​ shouldn’t be part of​ your travel schedule. Not only is​ a​ visit to​ Ongpin guaranteed to​ be delightful in​ more ways than one,​ it​ also won’t cost you​ much because prices in​ Ongpin are more affordable than what you’d find in​ other cities like Makati or​ even Quezon City.

Ongpin is​ also mainly a​ residential town so it’s easier to​ tour the​ place rather than other cities,​ which would require you​ to​ take on​ huge buses and six-wheeler trucks just to​ cross the​ street.

Because Ongpin is​ not that big a​ town,​ the​ streets are mostly narrow,​ winding and filled with people. if​ you’re planning to​ drive your own car to​ Ongpin,​ you​ might be forced then to​ park somewhere and walk for the​ rest of​ the​ time you’ll be spending in​ Binondo. But that’s not really much of​ a​ punishment – except for your feet,​ if​ you’re wearing high heels! – because a​ lot of​ people really prefer to​ wander around Ongpin by foot.

Food Shopping

Fruits – Almost all kinds of​ fruits are sold in​ the​ streets of​ Ongpin and if​ you’re feeling a​ bit adventurous,​ you​ could try out some of​ the​ exotic fruits being offered by street vendors such as​ the​ mangosteen or​ the​ huge apple-mango. Highly popular with the​ Filipino Chinese residents of​ Ongpin are rambutan,​ longgans,​ lanzones and chicos. When you​ get to​ Ongpin,​ be sure that you​ do try all those fruits and more since one can never get fat with fruits,​ anyway.

Delicacies – When you​ get to​ Ongpin,​ do be sure that you’ll be able to​ make a​ pit stop at​ any of​ the​ Chinese food stores of​ Ongpin. One of​ the​ most popular stores of​ this type is​ Eng Bee Tin. There,​ you’ll be able to​ find all sorts of​ Chinese delicacies that people back home would surely be delighted with.

Main Dishes – Tired after walking nonstop for an​ hour or​ so? if​ that’s the​ case,​ we suggest that you​ try relaxing your feet on​ any of​ the​ restaurants located in​ Ongpin. Try out popular Chinese dishes and the​ exotic ones as​ well so your trip to​ Ongpin will be truly memorable.
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