Pets Now Legally Protected

We buy our pets fancy clothes,​ outlandish designer dog accessories,​ a​ custom made pet carrier or​ jeweled dog collars; often paying more than we would if​ buying for ourselves. Now the​ legal profession has become involved to​ protect our four legged friends.

According to​ an​ article in​ a​ law review journal (Jarva),​ one weekend in​ November 2004,​ some 200 people convened at​ Yale Law School with a​ singular purpose: identifying ways of​ strengthening animal protection laws through the​ legislatures and courts. These individuals gathered from across the​ country and overseas.

There were lawyers,​ professors,​ and law students who,​ like many Americans,​ are convinced that animals are inherently valuable and deserving of​ humane treatment. However they go considerably furtherin their belief that all nonhuman animals are equally important and entitled to​ greater protections under the​ law.

The article goes further to​ say that some conference attendees may well balk at​ the​ "animal rightist" label,​ opting for the​ less inflammatory "animal protectionist" moniker instead. But whatever their ideological nuances,​ they are the​ legally savvy wing of​ a​ social movement determined on​ using the​ courts and legislatures to​ elevate the​ status of​ animals in​ society.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and Yale Law School sponsored a​ conference titled "The Future of​ Animal Law,​" held Nov. 5-7. Headquartered in​ Petaluma,​ California. ALDF boasts some 100,​000 members and has,​ for the​ past 25 years,​ worked for stronger enforcement of​ anticruelty laws.

The field of​ animal law has grown dramatically over recent years,​and many want it​ to​ grow even more. There is​ a​ hope thatanimal law be taught in​ every American Bar Association-accredited law school,​that animal law practices abound,​ and every judge and district attorney be educated about animal law.
New laws and new pet meds There is​ also a​ longstanding cultural norm against harming animals—the nation's first anticruelty statute was passed in​ 1867 in​ New York with the​ help of​ Henry Bergh,​ founder of​ the​ American Society for the​ Prevention of​ Cruelty to​ Animals.

"A hundred-plus years ago,​ our legal system recognized that animals are different. They have interests; they can feel pain; and we as​ a​ society ought to​ mitigate that pain,​ where possible,​" observed conference speaker and Michigan State University College of​ Law professor,​ David Favre. (Maybe that's why we spend so much online for pet meds).

It can be argued that many animals in​ the​ United States already do have rights,​ although they are protections in​ the​ narrowest sense; anticruelty statutes,​ for example,​ criminalize animal abuse. a​ provision of​ the​ federal Animal Welfare Act requires that dogs used for research be given regular opportunities for exercise. the​ Endangered Species Act protects the​
Florida panther and other rare wildlife from being hunted to​ extinction.

For people who enjoy them,​ pets add enormous value to​ life. Most pet lovers will tell you​ that while animals don't replace the​ benefits of​ a​ healthy human relationship,​ they supplement life in​ ways that no other satisfaction can provide. It's rational for humans to​ treat pets among their highest values,​ assuming those pets bring something to​ the​ individual human's life.

That's one reason new laws are being sought to​ protect our animals and to​ recognize the​ loss one suffers when something bad happens to​ our pets. And,​ it​ is​ also because of​ that belief—animals do indeed add to​ our enjoyment of​ life—that we indulge our pets by buying a​ wide variety of​ specialized (and often extravagant items for Fido and Fluffy.

For many proud pet owners computers have become the​ pet shopping mall,​ with everything from jeweled dog collars and nutritious pet food to​ custom fit pet doors and luxurious dog beds and even a​ personalized pet memorial - all available online and at​ the​ click of​ a​ mouse.
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