Pet Travel Carriers A Necessity When You Are On The Go

Whether you're taking a​ trip to​ your local veterinarian or​ a​ trip across country,​ how to​ transport your pets is​ always a​ consideration. the​ right pet travel carriers can make your journey less stressful for your beloved pets and less of​ a​ hassle for you. But what constitutes ideal dog carriers,​ cat carriers,​ and bird carriers? That depends upon your preferences,​ but there are many available from which to​ choose.

Pet Wheeled Carriers

Typically,​ a​ pet wheeled carrier has a​ handle that makes it​ easy to​ pull,​ and some convert to​ backpacks,​ car seats and beds. if​ you're looking for a​ multitasking wheeled dog carrier,​ make sure that it​ is​ soft sided,​ is​ ergonomically contoured with padded shoulder straps,​ and includes a​ safety strap that attaches to​ your dog's collar. Most importantly,​ be sure to​ purchase the​ proper size: small pet carriers are typically ideal for dogs up to​ 8 pounds; medium pet carriers are good for dogs up to​ 15 pounds; and large holds dogs up to​ 30 pounds. Keep in​ mind that the​ weight of​ your pet is​ not the​ only factor in​ choosing the​ properly sized pet carrier; the​ critical question you​ should ask yourself is​ whether or​ not your dog will be comfortable in​ the​ container.

While some pet wheeled carriers resemble luggage,​ others resemble baby strollers. you​ can find heavy-duty pet strollers that,​ like baby strollers,​ have push-button folding for flat storage. Look for a​ stroller that has both front and back zippered entrances,​ as​ well as​ a​ mesh ventilated pet compartment. For safety's sake,​ select one that has front suspension and locking brakes. Strollers are ideal for older or​ ill pets,​ and work well for puppies and kittens,​ as​ well as​ other small animals.

Front Pet Carriers

A front pet carrier is​ a​ styled like a​ vest,​ and allows you​ to​ carry your pet hands-free wherever you​ go. Pet front carriers are ideal for virtually any small animal,​ from dogs and cats to​ rabbits and ferrets. you​ can cuddle your pet in​ the​ kangaroo pouch of​ a​ pet front carrier and keep your animal close to​ your heart.

When shopping for a​ pet front carrier,​ look for one with adjustable shoulder straps,​ a​ waist strap for stability,​ a​ safety leash collar attachment,​ and a​ firm padded bottom to​ keep your pet comfortable. if​ your pet likes to​ "hang loose,​" models have openings for legs and the​ tail.

Pet Travel Carrier Totes

Today,​ of​ course,​ pet totes are all the​ rage,​ and you​ can choose from among any number of​ utilitarian or​ designer pet carriers. From those made out of​ straw to​ those made out of​ faux crocodile leather,​ there is​ a​ designer pet carrier to​ complement every outfit in​ your wardrobe. When shopping for a​ pet tote,​ make sure to​ select one that is​ easy to​ open and that has proper ventilation. Gripper feet on​ the​ bottom help keep the​ tote from sliding around,​ while an​ extra pocket comes in​ handy for holding pet essentials.

Bird Carrier

If you're a​ bird owner,​ have you​ ever considered taking your bird on​ an​ outdoor adventure? Backpack bird carriers are smaller than birdcages,​ but allow you​ to​ take your pet on​ hikes,​ bike rides,​ and boating trips,​ as​ well as​ to​ the​ veterinarian. When shopping for bird carriers,​ look for a​ strong,​ stainless steel cage with removable and replaceable perches. Make sure that the​ shoulder straps are padded for your comfort,​ and that the​ cage door loads from the​ back for extra safety.

Pet travel carriers are a​ necessity,​ but they can also add some style and adventure to​ your life. Best of​ all,​ you'll be able to​ take Max or​ Princess with you​ to​ more places than ever before!
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