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The mission of​ the​ Rochester Animal Services (RAS) is​ dedicated to​ improving the​ quality of​ life and safety for city residents and their animals,​ the​ promotion of​ responsible pet ownership and the​ reduction of​ animal overpopulation to​ reduce animal suffering and euthanasia.

RAS has been enforces in​ every state and city of​ Rochester pertaining to​ animal control. Numbers of​ online sites have shown their interest in​ operating animal shelter for stray,​ injured,​ and disowned animals and also the​ adoption center as​ a​ site for lost pets. This strives to​ provide you​ best animal care and protection.

Before you​ make a​ decision for adopting a​ animal into your house. Make sure that you​ are comfortable with that pet and if​ you​ have made a​ decision then simply complete all the​ legal formalities like filling out their form and answer to​ their questions. This is​ for the​ well being of​ the​ animal you​ wish to​ adopt and help to​ make a​ proper decision to​ you​ as​ well as​ the​ person from whom you​ are adopting a​ pet.

After completing all the​ formalities,​ you​ can counsel with them to​ get all the​ detail information of​ your selected pet like the​ history,​ special needs,​ and food and exercise requirements. Feel free to​ ask questions about spaying or​ neutering,​ house training,​ obedience training,​ controlling fleas and ticks,​ and anything else you​ are concerned about. you​ will be asked to​ sign an​ adoption contract and to​ pay the​ appropriate fees. After all the​ formalities you​ can take your pet home.

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