Personalized Tea Bags Offer Quality And Convenience For Tea Drinkers At Home In The Office And While Traveling

Personalized Tea Bags Offer Quality And Convenience For Tea Drinkers At Home,​ in​ the​ Office And While Traveling
Loose leaf tea is​ all about quality but it​ is​ often not as​ convenient to​ use as​ tea bags particularly at​ the​ office or​ when traveling.
For those tea drinkers who enjoy the​ finest loose leaf teas however,​ there is​ now a​ way to​ easily prepare their own bagged tea without sacrificing quality and the​ enjoyment associated with brewing quality tea.
There is​ no doubt that tea bags are convenient; they were after all invented for the​ American Tea Market and America is​ the​ cornerstone of​ convenience.
In order to​ prepare bagged tea however,​ the​ CTC (crush,​ tear,​ curl,​)method of​ processing is​ used primarily for lower-quality leaves .​
CTC processing is​ done by machine; its name is​ actually fairly descriptive .​
The machines rapidly compress withered tea leaves,​ forcing out most of​ their sap; they then tear the​ leaves and curl them tightly into balls that look something like instant coffee crystals .​
The leaves are then fired,​ or​ dehydrated .​
Most tea connoisseurs are not very interested in​ CTC tea,​ since this process does not allow for the​ careful treatment that high-quality leaves merit .​
But CTC has an​ important and legitimate role in​ the​ tea industry: since it​ is​ a​ mechanized process,​ it​ allows for the​ rapid processing of​ a​ high volume of​ leaves which otherwise would go to​ waste.
The orthodox method of​ processing used for high quality loose leaf tea is​ a​ bit more complex,​ and is​ usually done mostly by hand .​
The process differs for black,​ green,​ and oolong teas .​
The basic steps in​ the​ production of​ oolong and black teas are withering,​ rolling,​ oxidation,​ and firing .​
(Green and White teas are not oxidized.)
First,​ the​ leaves are spread out in​ the​ open (preferably in​ the​ shade) until they wither and become limp .​
This is​ so that they can be rolled without breaking .​
Rolling is​ the​ next step .​
This is​ rarely done by hand any more; it​ is​ more often done by machine .​
Rolling helps mix together a​ variety of​ chemicals found naturally within the​ leaves,​ enhancing oxidation .​
After rolling,​ the​ clumped leaves are broken up and set to​ oxidize .​
Oxidation,​ which starts during rolling,​ is​ allowed to​ proceed for an​ amount of​ time that depends on​ the​ variety of​ leaf .​
Longer oxidation usually produces a​ less flavorful but more pungent tea .​
Finally,​ the​ leaves are heated,​ or​ fired,​ to​ end the​ oxidation process and dehydrate them so that they can be stored.
Many believe that loose leaf tea provides the​ most aroma,​ flavor and body for tea drinkers and results in​ a​ quality tea experience .​
On the​ other hand even tea drinkers are frantically busy even at​ the​ office .​
What is​ wrong with tea bags?
Many tea connoisseurs express contempt for tea bags,​ for the​ following reasons:

• Most of​ the​ tea that goes into bags is​ not very high quality .​
As noted above,​ tea bags usually contain broken grades so that they will infuse quickly .​
Fannings (very small tea particles left over from the​ CTC processing method) and tea dust are often used in​ bagged tea.
• Whole-leaf teas come in​ a​ larger number of​ varieties; and the​ most interesting and enjoyable teas are sometimes not available in​ bags .​
• Bags are semi-non-biodegradable additions to​ the​ biodegradable tea leaves .​
• Connoisseurs like to​ have something to​ sneer at .​
Most tea drinkers use tea bags some of​ the​ time however ,​ simply because it​ may not be convenient to​ brew loose leaves (at work or​ while traveling or​ in​ a​ hotel,​ for example) .​
The personalized teabag solution
The personalized teabag offers a​ solution that is​ practical and cost effective .​
a​ disposable teabag is​ similar to​ the​ ones offered in​ supermarket and grocery stores but is​ open ended and larger .​
The personalized tea bag offers the​ loose tea drinker the​ ability to​ place quality whole leaves of​ their favorite tea in​ a​ bag that can be used for the​ entire workday .​
At the​ office the​ tea drinker need only maintain a​ supply of​ their favorite tea,​ place the​ desirable amount of​ tea in​ the​ personalized tea bag and add water .​
The bag is​ large enough to​ hold even the​ largest whole leaves but small enough that a​ box of​ 100 can fit in​ a​ desk drawer .​
Further,​ the​ personalized tea bag is​ cost effective when purchased in​ lots of​ 100 or​ more,​ tea
With the​ disposable tea bag,​ all loose leaf tea connoisseurs can enjoy the​ quality of​ their favorite hot or​ iced tea without the​ bother of​ preparing a​ full pot of​ tea .​
As a​ result quality tea provides enjoyment throughout the​ day in​ a​ fast,​ efficient way without waste and bother.
Truly a​ win-win situation.
Personalized Tea Bags Offer Quality And Convenience For Tea Drinkers At Home In The Office And While Traveling Personalized Tea Bags Offer Quality And Convenience For Tea Drinkers At
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