Peace Brings Treasured Travel To Vietnam

Vietnam is​ a​ paradise for both the​ outdoor adventurer and city explorer alike. Winding down 3,​444 kilometers of​ coastline from the​ northern Red River Delta near the​ Chinese border to​ the​ Mekong Delta at​ the​ southernmost tip of​ the​ Southeast Asian peninsula,​ Vietnam is​ a​ splendid blend of​ picturesque coastline and lush inland terrain. the​ region’s history of​ conquests and wars makes travel to​ Vietnam today a​ rich and rewarding experience during this time of​ precious peace.

During the​ 20th century,​ Vietnam was at​ war for nearly 45 consecutive years with different countries. After French and Spanish forces ravaged the​ area,​ most of​ the​ south became a​ French colony by 1867. Finally in​ 1945,​ Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam’s independence,​ sparking a​ French rebuttal and attracting international interest of​ U.S.,​ Russian and Cambodian forces. Minh’s dream of​ an​ independent (communist) nation was not realized until 1989 when the​ U.N. subdued the​ conflict with Khmer Rouge and pulled Vietnamese troops out of​ Cambodia.

Urban and Pristine Wonders of​ Vietnamese Travel

National identity has become an​ integral part of​ life for this war trodden state and today the​ proud Vietnamese are more willing to​ embrace foreign travelers and share their magnificent cultural history as​ their economy begins to​ mature. Visit the​ economic capital of​ Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in​ the​ south to​ witness the​ vibrant and progressive culture that has taken root in​ Vietnam. While there,​ explore the​ extensive botanical gardens,​ Buddhist monasteries,​ and stop by the​ Binh Soup Shop,​ which was the​ secret Viet Cong headquarters in​ Saigon during the​ Vietnam War. in​ the​ far north,​ the​ capital city of​ Hanoi is​ a​ bit more relaxed,​ speaking to​ ancient Vietnamese culture and 1000 years of​ history along the​ streets of​ the​ Old Quarter. Visit the​ intriguing One Pillar Pagoda build by Emperor Tong in​ the​ 11th century and replenish your spirits in​ the​ Bach Ma Temple,​ the​ city’s oldest and most revered.

Retreat to​ the​ captivating beauty of​ Vietnam’s wilderness for a​ more tranquil portion of​ your journey. Tropical rainforests abound in​ the​ protected area of​ Ba Be National Park,​ located close to​ the​ Chinese border in​ the​ north. the​ local Tay people live in​ stilt houses and contribute cultural significance to​ the​ area. Take an​ elephant ride through the​ expansive Yok Don National Park for a​ chance to​ see monkeys,​ birds and even leopards. if​ confined spaces don’t trigger nightmares,​ the​ Phong Nha Cave is​ a​ must see. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was created 250 million years ago and boasts a​ cavernous entanglement stretching thousands of​ meters below ground. Portions of​ this natural wonder are open to​ the​ public daily. For the​ claustrophobic,​ travel to​ Halong Bay in​ the​ Gulf of​ Tonkin,​ another World Heritage Site,​ which is​ dotted with more than 3,​000 tiny islands with cliffs and white sand beaches that cascade into the​ surrounding sparkling waters.

Due to​ the​ country’s broad north-south range,​ Vietnam is​ a​ wonderful country to​ explore any time of​ year. the​ sheltered forests and increased speed of​ the​ coastal cities offer an​ invaluable variety for a​ perfectly balanced journey. Travel to​ Vietnam to​ discover this underestimated Southeast Asian gem.

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