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It may be months away from spring and summer but now is​ the​ time to​ plan the​ adventure of​ a​ lifetime with your partner. First,​ did you​ know that there are tours,​ cruises and adventures all over the​ world that are tailored for the​ LGBT? Second,​ planning strategies are suggested that can make your vacation stress free and give you​ the​ peace of​ mind you​ need. Lastly,​ a​ variety of​ travel destinations,​ events and research strategies are mentioned to​ help you​ plan that perfect vacation with your partner. By the​ way,​ some of​ what I offer here is​ sound advice for preparation in​ business travel too.


American LGBT persons spent 54 billion dollars in​ travel in​ 2004
UK LGBT persons spent nearly 44.8 billion dollars on​ travel in​ 2004

(These estimates include travel within and outside their respective countries,​ what part of​ the​ UK’s $$ are coming to​ America or​ vice-versa is​ not reported.)

All over the​ world travel industry specialists have developed great cruises and travel packages specifically designed for the​ LGBT traveler and their partner. These travel accommodations/packages include,​ but are not limited to,​ gay friendly cruises that include travel with others that are gay and vacations packaged for gay pride festivals.

There is​ a​ wide variety of​ cruise destinations available to​ the​ LGBT traveler. the​ new 2018 itinerary and offerings for gay cruises are available throughout the​ internet. Destinations include Costa Rica,​ Ireland,​ Alaska and the​ Mediterranean to​ name a​ few. Cruise liners/companies such as​ Atlantis and Windjammer West specialize in​ accommodating you​ and your partner a​ cruise you​ will never forget. Consulting the​ many gay magazines online will also be a​ great resource to​ find your perfect vacation.

Gay pride festivals provide a​ vacation that is​ not only fun and inspiring,​ they also offer a​ time of​ mutual exchanges in​ social solidarity. Worldwide from the​ United States to​ the​ UK and other localities,​ gay pride festivals are being organized. For example,​ one of​ the​ largest and most popular gay pride festivals (GPF) is​ being held this summer in​ Paris,​ France. Contacting the​ Paris office of​ Tourism will enable you​ to​ locate the​ best gay friendly accommodations. Through research on​ the​ internet,​ you​ can find websites specific to​ booking flights and travel packages to​ this and other GPF events.

The best news I found was that you​ don’t have to​ be wealthy to​ take advantage of​ the​ multitude of​ travel offers available.

On that note of​ affordability,​ much of​ the​ vast information I garnered from several research sources suggests that a​ huge percentage of​ LGBT persons are wealthy. Many so-called experts have perpetuated the​ myth and refer to​ the​ community as​ being “DINK” (dual income no kids). I don’t know about you,​ but I am acquainted with several LGBT persons who aren’t DINK. Thankfully,​ the​ travel industry doesn’t play into this myth (well not most of​ them) and many offer “travel packages” that are affordable and inexpensive. So check out the​ internet,​ talk to​ friends who have traveled and can suggest a​ good travel package or​ destination (word of​ mouth is​ the​ best),​ watch for websites that are tailored to​ the​ LGBT community. Many states in​ the​ US and other countries have LGBT specific websites about travel and don’t forget public and university libraries that have travel sections full of​ reference materials. After you​ have chosen your destination,​ its time to​ plan that vacation.

Aside from researching your trip for a​ destination and a​ price comparable to​ what you​ can afford,​ start planning your trip early. you​ will want to​ include in​ your plans arranging appropriate passports,​ hotel or​ rental car reservations,​ tickets,​ visa’s and travel insurance. Make sure the​ travel insurance you​ purchase covers emergency assistance,​ job loss or​ transfers,​ uninhabitable accommodations,​ travel accidents,​ delays,​ lost or​ delayed luggage,​ weather-affected cancellation,​ medical and dental expenses,​ terrorism,​ and identity theft. For the​ LGBT community one more consideration needs to​ be taken into account. Be sure your travel insurance covers domestic partners. Travel specialists such as​ are one place to​ get useful information on​ the​ above mentioned insurance protections for travelers.

When planning your vacation find out if​ your hotel or​ B&B is​ gay friendly. Sometimes just asking the​ staff (or here’s where that word of​ mouth from a​ friend comes in​ handy) will get you​ the​ information you​ need. Does your choice of​ vacation location have a​ variety of​ dining out options,​ exciting activities,​ local culture that you​ would love to​ explore? By doing some research you​ can choose a​ location that will be fun and affordable.

We have talked about research and choosing your vacation destination,​ strategies and advice on​ planning. Now comes a​ personal piece of​ advice. Don’t forget to​ take the​ camcorder and two cameras. you​ two can decide who takes which camera but here’s my point. Have you​ ever been on​ a​ trip,​ came home and there’s pictures of​ everything but what you​ wanted pictures of?
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