Papua New Guinea Adventure Traveler Mecca With Butler And Health Club

One of​ the​ few still untamed,​ if​ not unspoiled destinations,​ Papua New Guinea is​ a​ raw land. Nearly 85% of​ the​ main island is​ carpeted with tropical rain forest.

With its international reputation for Scuba Diving thanks to​ spectacular coral reefs,​ Papua New Guinea is​ still a​ Mecca for the​ serious adventure traveler who will find swamp and jagged limestone; mud and moss forest; suffocating heat and Highland chill; plumed,​ pearl-shelled villagers and prosaic hill people; tiny tree kangaroos and enormous Queen Alexandra Birdwing butterflies. And fascination,​ unspoiled beauty,​ the​ exotic experience of​ a​ lifetime. But also personal butlers at​ hotels. Fine dining. And now even a​ stunningly designed Health and Racquet Club.

The new club is​ at​ the​ Airways Boutique Hotel in​ Port Moresby and covers 600 square meters fitted out in​ stylish décor,​ and includes state of​ the​ art “Wellness in​ Motion” Techno Gym cardio and strength equipment,​ a​ 20-metre infinity lap pool,​ air-conditioned squash courts,​ floodlit tennis court,​ aerobics and exercise room,​ massage rooms,​ separate male and female steam rooms and saunas,​ and a​ Zen garden with views over the​ valley,​ the​ sea,​ and the​ mountains,​ for winding down after a​ workout or​ massage treatment.

A full range of​ professionally organized classes and lessons offers Club members and hotel guests a​ variety of​ invigorating fitness and exercise programs and routines. There is​ also an​ outdoor exercise trail through the​ hotel's lush botanical gardens.

The Airways Hotel,​ located at​ the​ Port Moresby airport,​ is​ anything but your typical airport hotel. Exquisite dining,​ the​ unique combination of​ the​ exotic and the​ modern in​ a​ luxurious tropical setting,​ and an​ excellent,​ friendly service provide for a​ matchless airport hotel experience.

The hotel is​ nestled into the​ mountainside in​ its own botanical gardens,​ with stunning views of​ the​ crystal clear waters of​ Bootless Bay to​ the​ majestic mountains of​ the​ Owen Stanley Ranges. the​ stylish rooms have a​ hint of​ designer decor with a​ simple elegance. For the​ ultimate luxury in​ service,​ book one of​ the​ Orchid Suites and Rooms that come with a​ 24-hour personal butler to​ cater to​ your every need. Art and artifacts of​ Papua New Guinea are on​ display throughout the​ hotel.

Four restaurants,​ four bars,​ boutique,​ chauffeured limousine service,​ swimming pools,​ tennis courts,​ yoga and aerobics,​ Chef’s Master cooking classes,​ diving,​ and spa complete a​ hotel offering that one does not expect at​ an​ airport hotel in​ an​ exotic destination.

The Airways Hotel is​ an​ Emerald Collection member of​ Boutique Hotels & Resorts International,​ a​ highly acclaimed alliance of​ genuine boutique hotels from around the​ world,​ and has been nominated for the​ World Travel Awards.

If your travels take you​ to​ the​ exotic islands of​ Papua New Guinea,​ be it​ for a​ longer stay or​ just for a​ day,​ the​ Airways is​ the​ place to​ be.
Papua New Guinea Adventure Traveler Mecca With Butler And Health Club Papua New Guinea Adventure Traveler Mecca With Butler And Health Club Reviewed by Henda Yesti on August 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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