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There’s a​ funny scene in​ Romancing the​ Stone when Michael Douglas’ character meets Kathleen Turner’s character and agrees to​ take her to​ a​ phone booth hundreds of​ miles away. He simply refuses to​ help her carry her completely impractical luggage and a​ few scenes later goes even further by chopping the​ heels off her shoes so she can actually walk in​ them. This little fiasco encompasses the​ essence of​ packing for adventure travel. Less is​ most definitely more!

When in​ a​ foreign country it​ is​ usually pretty easy to​ spot the​ experienced traveler from the​ novice. the​ novice is​ usually dragging a​ giant suitcase or​ trying to​ lug a​ brightly coloured backpack that is​ even bigger than they are. They are dressed in​ the​ latest “must have” adventure gear from the​ most expensive adventure stores and have “trekking” shoes worth hundreds of​ dollars. This is​ not the​ way to​ do it​ for several reasons. the​ first is​ comfort. you​ will usually be doing a​ lot of​ walking whenever you​ go on​ a​ vacation and walking with 50 kg of​ luggage is​ both tiring and difficult. you​ will also,​ most likely,​ be getting extremely dirty and ruining whatever clothing you​ take (even if​ it’s expensive “adventure clothing”) and don’t forget that some of​ your gear may even be stolen (sometimes by other travelers). if​ you​ show up with all the​ best and most expensive gear you​ are also a​ walking target for hustlers and thieves. With all of​ this in​ mind here are a​ few tips:

Luggage – if​ you​ are going to​ be doing anything even remotely physical and walking any further than a​ few hundred meters,​ then a​ backpack is​ definitely the​ way to​ go. But not all packs are created equal! Think small and inconspicuous. Dark colours like brown and black will attract less attention than a​ bright purple or​ red pack. Make sure it​ is​ the​ type of​ pack that has a​ flap on​ the​ top that closes over the​ pack’s opening to​ keep out water (the types that zip up WILL get your stuff wet). you​ will also want to​ put your clothing in​ waterproof stuff bags – I use standard plastic shopping bags,​ but there are tougher ones that you​ can buy from disposals and camping stores. you​ also want your pack to​ be as​ small as​ possible. Especially if​ you​ are only touring (mountaineers may need something bigger). I use a​ 30 liter pack but would say 45 liters is​ an​ absolute maximum for general purpose use. you​ will be carrying it​ around a​ lot and if​ you​ cannot fit something in​ then you​ probably don’t really need it.

Clothing – Think light and breathable! Cotton is​ always good. Three shirts is​ usually enough because you​ can wear one,​ wash one and have a​ spare. Take ones with collars to​ keep the​ sun off your neck if​ you​ are going anywhere remotely sunny. For pants,​ I like cargoes that can zip off the​ legs and turn into shorts (which can also double as​ swimming trunks). Dark colours are always going to​ hide the​ dirt and grime so that’s also a​ good idea. Usually,​ other than underwear and socks,​ I don’t take much more than this. Remember that if​ you​ need something you​ can always buy it​ there and usually for a​ fraction of​ the​ price than at​ home! Don’t forget to​ take some type of​ hat as​ being sunburnt is​ a​ real drag when you​ are traveling.

Shoes – Unless you​ are doing some serious mountaineering then you​ probably won’t need those $300 Scarpa trekking boots. in​ many poorer countries you​ can buy those $300 Scarpas at​ the​ local markets for $10 anyway,​ because some idiot tourist left them outside his door to​ dry and an​ enterprising local stole them to​ sell at​ the​ markets! Think comfort – I usually go for Converse All Stars,​ but any type of​ cheap canvas shoe will probably be ok. on​ a​ trek across England my Converse shoes allowed my feet to​ get wet about 10 minutes before my buddy’s feet got wet – he was wearing the​ $300 Scarpas! Once again,​ if​ you​ need something better,​ you​ can probably buy it​ at​ your destination for a​ cheaper price.

Other stuff – There are a​ few things I will never travel without. Sunscreen is​ the​ main one because I REALLY hate getting sunburnt. a​ small multi-tool is​ often pretty handy too – don’t get a​ leatherman because you​ will lose it​ or​ get it​ stolen. you​ can often buy multi-tools for $5 anyway that work perfectly well. I also always take a​ lighter ($1 plastic kind) for anything from lighting people’s cigarettes to​ sealing the​ ends of​ ropes.

The trick to​ packing for adventure travel is​ to​ pack light,​ inconspicuous and cheap. This avoids you​ becoming a​ human pack-mule or​ a​ target for thieves and hustlers. you​ will also find that you​ will enjoy your traveling more because you​ won’t be so tired nor worrying about your gear so much.
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