Overview Of Greece For Travelers

From the​ Olympics to​ My Fat Greek Wedding,​ Greece has always been a​ cultural centerpiece in​ the​ history of​ man. Summing up its contribution requires a​ small library,​ but here is​ an​ overview.

Overview of​ Greece for Travelers

Greece was home to​ some of​ the​ earliest advanced civilizations. From the​ Minoans of​ the​ second BC millennium to​ Mycenaeans who established the​ basis of​ the​ current language,​ the​ country has produced cultural,​ philosophical,​ political and sport advancements unrivaled by others.

The modern Greek state obtained independence from the​ Ottoman Empire in​ 1830. it​ has carried on​ what seems like a​ constant conflict with Turkey and was also involved in​ both World Wars. in​ 1981,​ Greece joined the​ European Community that eventually evolved into the​ European Union.

The official name of​ Greece is​ the​ Hellenic Republic. Greece covers an​ area of​ roughly 51,​000 square miles. Athens is​ both the​ capital and largest population center with roughly 3.5 million inhabitants. Thessaloniki is​ the​ second largest population area with just over one million people. the​ terrain of​ Greece ranges from mountains in​ the​ north to​ flat plains in​ the​ south and beautiful islands off the​ coast. Winters are mild while summers are hot and dry making Greece a​ huge tourist destination.

The people of​ Greece are known as​ Greeks. They total more than 10.96 million. Population growth exists,​ but it​ is​ just above .2 percent annually. Greek is​ the​ official language. From a​ religious perspective,​ 99 percent of​ Greeks claim Greek Orthodox as​ their religion. Literacy rate is​ 95 percent and all levels of​ education are absolutely free. Life expectancy is​ 76 for males and 81 for women.

Greece is​ a​ relatively small country,​ but has accounted for a​ remarkable number of​ developments in​ the​ trek of​ mankind through history. Whether you​ are going to​ see the​ culture or​ loaf on​ the​ islands,​ Greece is​ a​ top travel destination for a​ good reason.
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