Overview Of Egypt For Travelers

From Pyramids to​ the​ Valley of​ the​ Kings,​ the​ Arab Republic of​ Egypt oozes history. if​ you​ are considering traveling to​ Egypt,​ you​ should know the​ following about the​ country.

Overview of​ Egypt for Travelers

Egypt has plenty of​ land,​ but much of​ it​ is​ sparsely inhabited. This leads to​ a​ situation where the​ vast majority lives within relatively compact urban places. as​ the​ most populous Arab nation,​ nearly all of​ people live along the​ Nile River,​ particularly in​ Cairo and Alexandria. Cairo in​ particular is​ one of​ the​ world’s most densely populated cities with a​ whopping 3,​800 people per square mile and roughly 18 million in​ the​ extended city. Traffic jams are legendary to​ say the​ least.

Travelers to​ Egypt are almost always going to​ see the​ pyramids and various archeological remains of​ the​ Pharaohs. Just so you​ can sound like you​ know what you​ are talking about,​ here is​ a​ very brief history on​ the​ rule of​ the​ Pharaohs.

Around 3,​100 BC,​ Mena united Egypt and became the​ first Pharaoh. 30 dynasties would follow and are categorized as​ the​ Old Kingdom,​ Middle Kingdom and New Empire. in​ 525 BC,​ the​ last Pharaoh was overthrown by the​ invading Persians. the​ pyramids of​ Giza were built during the​ fourth dynasty. the​ Great Pyramid is​ the​ tomb of​ Pharaoh Khufu. the​ Valley of​ Kings you​ will visit is​ only partially an​ accurate representation. More than a​ few of​ the​ sites were actually moved to​ higher elevations to​ save them from flooding caused when the​ Nasser Dam went into operation.

As for modern times,​ Egypt covers an​ area of​ roughly 386,​000 square miles. the​ capital is​ Cairo with a​ population between 16 and 18 million people. the​ climate is​ universally dry and hot. Life is​ sustained almost totally by the​ Nile.

The people of​ Egypt are known as​ “Egyptians.” the​ total population is​ over 77 million and growing at​ a​ rate of​ 1.78 percent per year. 94 percent claim to​ be Muslim. Arabic is​ the​ official language although English and French are also spoken. 57 percent of​ the​ people are literate and life expectancy is​ 71 years of​ age.

As this overview shows,​ the​ country is​ unique in​ that it​ is​ almost totally reliant upon the​ Nile River. Without the​ Nile,​ Egypt would be bereft of​ its heritage and modern state. Fortunately,​ it​ has learned to​ ride herd on​ the​ longest river in​ the​ world.
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