Overview Of Costa Rica For Travelers

The Republic of​ Costa Rica is​ located in​ Central America and is​ an​ amazingly beautiful country. Following is​ an​ overview of​ the​ past and present of​ Costa Rica for travelers.

Overview of​ Costa Rica for Travelers

Christopher Columbus discovered Costa Rica and the​ indigenous people living there in​ 1502. the​ Spanish subsequently colonized it. the​ name of​ the​ country,​ Rich Coast,​ comes from their mistaken belief that gold was prevalent. it​ wasn’t,​ but the​ name stuck. in​ 1821,​ Costa Rica joined other Central American countries in​ declaring independence from Spain. True independence didn’t occur till 1838 when Costa Rica broke away from a​ federation of​ Central American countries.

In a​ major departure from many Central America countries,​ Costa Rica has largely been a​ free and peaceful democracy since 1899. it​ has a​ system of​ checks and balances similar to​ the​ United States,​ but more power is​ invested with the​ President and executive branch. the​ President and congressional members are elected to​ 4-year terms.

Costa Rica covers an​ area of​ 19,​730 square miles. the​ capital is​ San Jose,​ which has a​ population of​ 2.1 million people. the​ terrain is​ rugged and tropical with dormant volcanoes,​ a​ rain forest in​ the​ south and immaculate beaches. Rainfall is​ heavy during summer months,​ but temperatures are consistently in​ the​ 70 to​ 90 degree range.

The people of​ Costa Rica are known both as​ “Ticos” and “Costa Ricans.” the​ total population is​ 4 million,​ but growing at​ 1.5 percent. Roman Catholic is​ the​ dominant religion,​ although 15 percent of​ the​ population claims Protestant as​ their faith. Literacy is​ at​ 96 percent. Average life expectancy for a​ woman is​ 79 years while men average 74 years. Spanish is​ the​ dominant language.

Costa Rica is​ both a​ hot tourist and relocation destination. the​ country is​ simply beautiful and the​ people are friendly. There has been a​ lot of​ construction and expansion over the​ last 15 years. Places like Tamarindo are no longer sleepy little coast towns. if​ you​ want to​ see the​ sleepy Costa Rica of​ old,​ now is​ the​ time to​ go before it​ is​ to​ late.
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