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Not only is​ it​ the​ capital of​ France,​ Paris has accumulated a​ laundry list throughout history of​ self-proclaimed and well-worn titles that place Parisians in​ a​ class of​ their own. Paris is​ a​ haven for love and romance,​ the​ disputed epicenter of​ cutting-edge fashion,​ a​ global culinary capital,​ the​ motherland of​ fine arts and let us not forget the​ self-given accolade of​ an​ elite culture. the​ streets of​ Paris,​ particularly on​ spring or​ summer evenings,​ are an​ enchanting mosaic of​ clanking wine glasses,​ aromatic espresso and impassioned chatter against a​ background of​ softly lit cobblestone. the​ sprawling metropolis requires careful exploration to​ properly digest its enticing blend of​ traditional classy charm and progressive hyper-modernism.

Top to​ Bottom: Paris at​ an​ Angle
An array of​ sights and attractions offer unique views of​ Paris from above and,​ yes,​ below. the​ Notre Dame,​ constructed in​ the​ 12th century,​ offers a​ spectacular panoramic view of​ Paris' skyline from an​ intriguing,​ if​ not distracting,​ setting situated 387 steps up the​ north tower. the​ gargoyles perched around the​ roof of​ the​ cathedral range from haunting and ferocious to​ contemplative and watchful. in​ the​ Montmartre quarter,​ climb the​ hill culminating at​ the​ Basilique du Sacré Coeur and push through another 234 steps to​ the​ top of​ the​ cathedral's dome. This southerly view of​ Paris is​ coveted by visitors,​ locals and artists alike.

While atop Montmartre Hill,​ stroll through the​ artists' sidewalk displays until you​ come across the​ entrance to​ the​ underground Salvador Dali Museum. Descend the​ staircase and enter the​ twisted and fascinating surreal world of​ Dali's rarer sketches,​ sculptures and paintings including a​ humorous caricature of​ Picasso,​ the​ artist's contemporary rival. if​ musty,​ dark underground passages and 6 million skeletons don't faze you,​ then cross the​ Seine and descend an​ unassuming spiral staircase into the​ Empire of​ the​ Dead,​ the​ Catacombs of​ Paris. Most visitors assume the​ Catacombs are a​ haunted spiritual shrine of​ sorts,​ but this underground burial place was simply Paris' way of​ solving a​ problem of​ overflowing cemeteries in​ 1785. Strange patters out of​ skulls can be found in​ the​ arrangements of​ bones that line the​ passageways 7 feet high on​ either side.

A Little Level Ground
Once you've come up for air,​ a​ refreshing stroll through Champs Elysées may be needed. the​ beautiful gardens that stretch out from the​ Louvre and the​ Arc de Triomphe are surrounded by one of​ the​ most popular shopping districts in​ Paris. Lalique Crystal and Louis Vuitton adorn the​ store windows between decadent chocolate and pastry shops. at​ night,​ venture into the​ Bastille quarter where swanky lounges and chic bars line the​ winding avenues. Enjoy a​ fresh made crepe from a​ street vendor or​ sit down in​ a​ romantic restaurant for garlicky escargot and tender Steak au Poivre paired with the​ best house wine you've ever had.

Although detractors may sniffle over the​ Parisian attitude,​ any display of​ gratitude and an​ attempt at​ French will earn overwhelming hospitality. Embrace Paris with a​ willing heart and the​ city of​ wine and cheese will swallow you​ whole.

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