Origins Of Reiki

What is​ the​ Origins of Reiki - What you​ Must Know About Reiki

This ancient practice has been around since the​ early twentieth century in​ ​ Japan. a​ ​ practitioner named Mikao Usui said that he had been blessed with the​ ability to​ ​ heal without depleting his own energy. He went to​ ​ Mount Kurama and meditated for three weeks. Afterwards,​ he went back to​ ​ his village and began teaching others about this healing technique and the​ symbols that needed to​ ​ be used in​ ​ each treatment.
Usui used initiations called Reiji-ho to​ ​ enhance people's access to​ ​ the​ healing energy. These later became known as​ attunements. Attunements also gave the​ student a​ ​ clearer ability to​ ​ channel the​ Reiki as​ well.
Included in​ ​ the​ Reiki teachings were five tenets that give us a​ ​ simpler way to​ ​ live our lives. Usui was a​ ​ reader of ​ the​ works of ​ Emperor Meiji. in​ ​ the​ process of ​ developing his Reiki techniques,​ Usui borrowed some of ​ Meiji's teachings. These tenets are to​ ​ be said twice a​ ​ day at morning and at night. the​ five tenets are as​ follows: Just for today I will not worry,​ Just for today I will not anger,​ Just for today I will honor all life,​ Just for today I will earn my living honestly,​ and Just for today I will give thanks for everything.
Some of ​ Usui's student preferred to​ ​ actually touch the​ patient and find out where the​ trouble spots were. Usui practiced a​ ​ technique called scanning. He used scanning to​ ​ find imbalances and closed chakras. He had always thought that the​ laying on​ of ​ hands was only for beginners.
After treating the​ beggars and homeless of ​ his village many times,​ Usui saw that they did not want to​ ​ help themselves no matter how he tried to​ ​ help them. He came up with the​ idea of ​ an energy exchange between the​ practitioner and the​ patient. Usui would share his Reiki energy in​ ​ exchange for some type of ​ monetary payment.
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