Optimising Your Travel Website

The web is​ literally awash with travel websites. Search on​ Google for ‘discount air travel’ and you​ will find over 32 million websites. Try ‘cheap accommodation’ and there are over 11 million sites competing for your customer’s dollar. So how do you​ make a​ travel website rank highly on​ Google and the​ other search engines.

Broadly speaking,​ strategy in​ this space is​ similar to​ many physical world markets. you​ have to​ choose between being universal and being focused. if​ you​ want to​ be universal,​ i.e. offer a​ site which provides airline tickets,​ hotel and car rental bookings anywhere on​ earth you​ have to​ remember that you​ are up against some pretty stiff competition. the​ number one ranked site on​ Google for ‘discount air travel’ is​ Expedia. it​ has over 5 million back links as​ measured by www.marketleap.com. the​ cost of​ overtaking these mega sites for popular terms like ‘discount air travel’ is​ prohibitive. you​ will never get there. So if​ you​ want to​ be a​ universal site you​ must focus on​ less popular search terms. Look for variants on​ the​ popular search terms and try to​ rank highly against less popular terms. There are still very large numbers of​ searches done each day on​ terms like ‘discount plane tickets’ and it​ will be much easier to​ rank against this kind of​ term. Indeed the​ #1 ranked site on​ Google for this term isn’t even a​ home page: always a​ sign that this space is​ not too competitive. it​ also has a​ PageRank of​ only 4,​ which is​ not difficult to​ beat.

The focus strategy is​ easier to​ understand. Choose one market and optimize your website to​ rank highly only for that market. It’s not hard to​ beat the​ top-ranked players if​ you​ are searching for ‘Bed and Breakfast in​ Woodbridge ,​Suffolk,​ England’ . of​ course the​ problem here is​ that the​ value of​ ranking highly for this term is​ almost nil. you​ have to​ find the​ sweet spot of​ markets where a​ top-ranked position is​ valuable but yet the​ competition for this spot is​ not too intense. Once you​ have chosen your target market and its associated target keywords,​ the​ challenge is​ to​ get your site to​ rank highly. I do not propose in​ this article to​ go over the​ principles of​ search engine optimization,​ or​ SEO: there are innumerable articles which offer the​ latest thinking on​ this topic. However,​ a​ central part of​ all SEO strategies is​ linking: getting other sites to​ link to​ you. There is​ no substitute for the​ hard work of​ persuading other websites to​ link to​ yours,​ in​ return for a​ link from yours to​ them. Ideally you​ want to​ focus on​ a​ triangular link,​ where you​ link from one site and they link back to​ a​ different site – this will make your link less suspect in​ the​ eyes of​ the​ search engines. Look for a​ Free Travel Links site such as​ this one,​ complete the​ form,​ put your link up to​ their site and they will link back to​ you​ within 24 hours. Repeat several hundred or​ several thousand times,​ wait a​ while and you​ will be pretty much assured of​ a​ high ranking on​ the​ search engines. Then sit back and count the​ money.
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