Online Home Businesses Another Scam Reminder

I was recently reminded again of​ how far scam artists will go to​ separate people from their money by making use of​ the​ internet.

The scam I read about took advantage of​ people who were looking for new jobs (offline) and did this by posting their resume’s on​ the​ internet. There were two parts to​ the​ scams: One was to​ scan these resumes for any kind of​ personal information. in​ some cases they were able to​ find social security numbers published which then allowed them apply for credit cards under someone else’s name.

The other part involved actually calling the​ job seeker and posing as​ a​ potential employer. Their spin involved explaining they were interested in​ setting up an​ interview but needed some personal information to​ do credit checks and other background checks prior to​ the​ actual interview. Once this information was received,​ you​ guessed it,​ more problems.

Now some of​ this just seems like common sense. I for one would not be publishing my social security numbers anywhere on​ the​ internet. However,​ a​ phone call,​ while desperate for a​ job,​ from a​ company that sounded legitimate on​ the​ phone could perhaps persuade some people to​ part with their personal information.

My own personal experience with an​ online scam happened a​ number of​ years ago. I had a​ used car for sale and a​ friend recommended purchasing an​ online ad. This sounded like a​ good idea and did not cost much so I did it.

Response to​ the​ ad was not immediate but over time it​ did generate some interest with a​ few calls and some emails. Nothing real serious though until one gentleman sent me an​ email explaining he was real interested and wanted to​ know a​ few more details. I was pretty interested because it​ seemed like price was not an​ issue.

We began an​ email dialogue and after several exchanges came the​ “pitch”: He was interested in​ purchasing the​ car but was unable to​ pick it​ up. Since he traveled considerably and was currently in​ the​ UK he would send a​ bank check for the​ full amount plus the​ cost to​ ship it. When the​ check arrived,​ I would then immediately deposit the​ check and write another to​ a​ shipping broker who would call to​ pickup the​ vehicle.

My initial reaction was that I’d sold the​ vehicle. at​ the​ time,​ my understanding of​ bank checks was that it​ was similar to​ a​ money order and was as​ good as​ gold. I didn’t really see how I could lose.

However,​ then doubts came into my mind. Why would someone from the​ UK,​ pay full price for my car – without even seeing it​ or​ having someone else check it​ out,​ and then pay expensive shipping costs to​ send the​ car somewhere else? Initially I rationalized that he must be a​ businessman and that cost was not an​ issue. But then I thought why would he want my Chevy and do they not sell vehicles where he is?

I did some investigating on​ the​ internet and found this scenario all too common. it​ was a​ scam. I was initially angry that someone would do this to​ me,​ but then also scared that it​ could be done to​ me and that I could have lost both the​ car and the​ money paid for the​ shipping costs.

My story ended turned out ok because I stopped before I parted with the​ money. However,​ there are many stories of​ people who parted with their money before realizing it​ was wrong.

Did I have any special insight which kept me from losing the​ money? Probably not,​ except for the​ fact that it​ just did not feel right. I compare this online scenario to​ walking down a​ dark alley at​ night. if​ it​ does not look right and does not feel right then don’t do it​ – at​ least not without some investigation or​ insight from someone else.

In many cases scammers “get away with it” since people are not aware of​ their methods. at​ the​ time I was not aware bank checks could be bad. But they can also take advantage of​ emotions such as​ “Entitlement”. I felt I deserved full price for the​ car,​ and he was the​ only one offering it.

Either way before parting with your money over the​ internet,​ do your research and make sure you​ are ok with it. it​ could still be legitimate and most likely a​ day or​ two will not hurt to​ check something out to​ be sure.

If you’re thinking of​ starting your home business using the​ internet,​ don’t let these stories from other victims’ scare you​ away. People are scammed offline too.

There are many legitimate internet opportunities available for starting a​ home business.

Here are some resources on​ internet crime along with the​ FBI report I read about:


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