Online Home Business Owners Check The References

Online Home Business Owners: Check the​ References
One of​ the​ many activities online home business owners are involved in​ is​ obtaining software tools or​ services to​ assist them with running their business .​
There are usually many different options to​ choose from and choices are not always easy .​
Some of​ the​ solution’s offered work but most do not! It’s important to​ make the​ right choice.
I encountered this scenario recently when choosing an​ Auto-Responder service .​
I​ had done my research and thought I​ had made a​ good choice .​
But then doubt sneaked in​ about whether I​ was picking the​ best solution .​
Although I​ felt it​ was a​ good choice,​ it​ was going to​ be a​ little more difficult to​ integrate this service into one of​ my web sites .​
a​ solution from a​ different software vendor would integrate easier,​ but I​ was uncomfortable with their ability to​ provide the​ service I​ was looking for.
Since I​ was now unsure with my decision and looking at​ another solution for ease of​ integration,​ I​ spent some time on​ this vendor’s site looking into the​ details of​ their product .​
I​ don’t know about you,​ but I​ have a​ tendency to​ skip over testimonials and references from other companies that are included in​ website copy .​
I​ quite often doubt whether they are real and usually they are difficult to​ verify.
This time however,​ I​ did not skip the​ references listed by the​ vendor .​
I​ picked the​ first one from their list of​ successful websites their service had been integrated with .​
As is​ common,​ there was no link to​ the​ website,​ but finding the​ website proved pretty easy using a​ well known search engine .​
Once found,​ I​ began looking for the​ email signup section of​ their site to​ see how it​ was integrated and how it​ fit in​ with the​ site .​
Again,​ this was easy to​ find.
To my surprise when I​ tried the​ email signup (I didn’t enter an​ email address so as​ to​ force the​ service to​ display a​ message),​ the​ software service name displayed was not the​ one that had the​ testimonial,​ but the​ one I​ had initially decided on​ .​
This confirmed my original decision and removed any doubts from my mind.
This all seems like common sense,​ and it​ is​ .​
However,​ many times online home business owners,​ including myself,​ get caught up in​ marketing hype and forget to​ check the​ facts.
How do we check the​ facts?
- If possible,​ check the​ references or​ testimonials offered by a​ website copy as​ described above.
- See what other home business owners are using .​
Maybe even ask them what works best for them.
- If you’re part of​ a​ network marketing opportunity and have an​ up line of​ sponsors then email one of​ them and ask.
- Check out some work at​ home forums or​ article distribution services .​
You can search for the​ forums and there are many article distribution sources in​ Yahoo Groups.
If you’re a​ software or​ service vendor,​ make sure your web site testimonials are accurate and up to​ date .​
Nothing kills a​ potential sale quicker than a​ false reference.
Running an​ online home business can be fun and rewarding .​
In many ways it​ is​ the​ same as​ running an​ offline business .​
Making choices is​ not always easy .​
But one thing is​ clear,​ if​ a​ vendor offers references – check them out!
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