Online Home Business Challenge

Online Home Business challenge
More and more people are trying to​ profit joining many types of​ home businesses and in​ the​ same time the​ numbers of​ home businesses offered are increasing rapidly .​
Every internet surfer notice thousands of​ home businesses advertised and they promise the​ surfer their ability to​ make him rich in​ no time .​
People sign in​ to​ these businesses hoping to​ get extra income .​
After they set up the​ business and feed in​ all the​ necessary information find them selves facing fierce competition to​ sell their products or​ promote their affiliate programs .​
Being new to​ business,​ most of​ them get lost searching for a​ cheap way of​ advertising their new business and so quit after or​ during the​ first month,​ many wait for a​ while until they forget the​ humiliation and start all over again and continue in​ a​ vicious circle .​
Few home business seekers find a​ good and wreath while business.
The main problem that challenges the​ home business beginner is​ how can he sell or​ promote his new business not realizing that in​ the​ world of​ online,​ selling is​ more difficult than offline as​ you​ can't see the​ customer and interact with him,​ you​ can not assure him face to​ face .​
Whether online or​ offline ,​ unless the​ customer get to​ know you​ or​ no about you,​ he is​ not going to​ buy or​ promote straight away ,​so what can a​ beginner in​ home business do to​ attract people as​ his website(assuming having one) does not rank well for search engines so selling through it​ is​ not effective and he can't afford to​ use paid advertising ,​ what can he do to​ start a​ profitable business .First of​ all he is​ required to​ take the​ subject of​ online advertising more seriously and read about in​ more details for the​ internet is​ loaded with so many free studies ,​books and articles about advertising .​
The following are some of​ the​ advertising method to​ be used by the​ online home business marketer:
1.word-of-mouth: direct face to​ face
2.Free classified advertising sites: Be a​ member in​ thousands of​ them ,​then start advertising for free.
3.Ezine advertising: be a​ member in​ some of​ these sites to​ add opt-in customers to​ your list.
4.Pay per click advertising: Yahoo adword,​google adword,​many other sites.
5.Traffic exchange advertising: Free membership and advertising.
6.Newspaper advertising
7.Direct mail.
8.Magazine advertising.
9.Business cards.
10.Joining professional/business organizations.
11.Vehicle advertising.
12.Sending ads with invoices.
13.TV advertising.
14.Radio advertising.
15.Bench/bus stop advertising.
16.Local website advertising.
17.Email advertising.
18.Community involvement.
19.Forums,​ message boards and newsgroup.
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