Online Business The 4 Keys To A Lower Maintenance And More Productive

Here’s something that most online business owners struggle with – Working too hard for not enough return. Eve when the​ return’s are good,​ the​ hours can be grueling.

As an​ Internet marketing mother,​ I can't afford to​ be sitting at​ my computer 24/7. I chose to​ run an​ online business because I want to​ be home with my kids,​ but at​ home glued to​ a​ computer screen isn't like being at​ home.

Even if​ you​ don’t have a​ kid or​ a​ spouse,​ a​ business should not become your entire life.
It's a​ recipe for burn out and a​ dismal life that revolves around a​ computer. at​ first,​ building your business and working really may seem exciting,​ but then you​ look up and realize there's nothing else in​ your life.

So,​ how do you​ work smarter and not harder? in​ other words,​ how do you​ make more money with less personal time invested in​ your business.

To me,​ in​ comes down to​ 4 key points:

• Value your time
• Leverage the​ strengths and time of​ others
• Implement Passive Income Models into your Business
• Don’t be afraid of​ technology

Here's some more thoughts on​ each of​ those:

1. Value Your Time:

You need to​ set and limit your working hours. you​ probably run your business,​ so you​ can stay home with your family&/or have more freedom. Well,​ being a​ prisoner to​ your computer doesn't do either of​ those things for you.

In addition,​ when you​ limit your work time,​ you​ are more productive. if​ you​ have only 3 hours to​ get work done,​ you're more likely to​ stay focused and do what you​ need to​ do. if​ you​ have set aside the​ whole day to​ work,​ you'll probably slack off and hang out at​ forums,​ check your stats endlessly or​ find other distractions. Sorry to​ say - that's NOT working.

2. Leverage the​ Strength & Time of​ Others:

Don't think of​ yourself as​ a​ solo entrepreneur...think of​ yourself as​ a​ team. you​ can leverage the​ strength and time of​ others by:

- Outsourcing: Never try to​ do it​ all yourself!

- Partnering with others reaching the​ same target market as​ you: Your competition doesn't need to​ be your enemy. Make them your partners instead!

- Recruiting and training an​ affiliate force: Just setting up the​ script for your affiliate program isn't enough...set up a​ stellar program instead.

- Being part of​ mastermind group that shares business strategies and experiences.

3. Implement Passive Income Models Into Your Business:

Outsourcing and having your own well-managed affiliate program are ways to​ generate passive income. Other ways to​ add more passive income to​ your online business are:

- Join affiliate programs: you​ don't have to​ fulfill all the​ orders and provide customer support.

- Learn search engine optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is​ an​ excellent source of​ highly-targeted traffic for your website. Just think,​ people enter a​ keyword phrase for something they want and voila,​ they find you.

- Implement pay-per-click strategies: Just like with search engines,​ you​ can get highly-targeted traffic to​ your website,​ but you​ have to​ pay for it. But setting up a​ cost-effective and profitable campaign can do wonders for your business. Try Adwords of​ Yahoo Search Marketing.

- Use autoresponders: Effectively automate your follow-up process with our prospect and customers.

- Backend Sales & Upsells: When someone is​ already going to​ buy from you​ once,​ they're more likely to​ buy more. Make sure you​ make extra offers.

4. Embracing Technology:

This one might be tough for some non-technical people. Honestly,​ I'm not very technical and I get intimidated by technology...but I do know that if​ I can automate something in​ my business,​ it​ saves me time and money. That's why I have a​ programmer on​ hand to​ help me with stuff like this. I don't have to​ implement the​ technology myself. I just use it​ to​ my advantage in​ my business.

Some uses of​ technology can include...but the​ possibilities are ENDLESS

* Autoresponders
* Shopping carts
* Membership sites
* Automating content addition to​ your sites
* Making customer/prospect management easier and more profitable
* Customer feedback,​ comments,​ reviews
* Affiliate program
* Tracking advertising and split testing

So please,​ stop doing so much work! Your business,​ family and friends will thank you​ for it!
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