North America A World Of Travel

Spanning over 25 countries,​ islands and territories from the​ Arctic Circle to​ the​ Tropics,​ no other continental region is​ as​ uniquely diverse as​ North America. There are as​ many snowy retreats as​ there are beachside utopias; an​ abundance of​ modern metropolitan centers as​ well as​ a​ multitude of​ inspiring historic sites. Canada,​ Mexico and the​ United States comprise the​ majority of​ North America,​ but the​ smaller nations of​ Central America and the​ Caribbean are also considered part of​ the​ enormous continent.

Wilderness to​ Go Wild For
Many of​ the​ world’s most spectacular National Parks and protected wilderness areas are scattered about North America,​ as​ it​ was one of​ the​ last regions to​ be colonized by Europeans. Death Valley National Park,​ located in​ California’s Mojave and Colorado Deserts,​ is​ the​ hottest,​ driest and lowest (282 feet below sea level) place in​ North America,​ with summer temperatures averaging over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and annual rainfall under 2 inches. the​ best time to​ visit is​ mid-Spring when the​ weather is​ mild and the​ wildflowers are blooming. the​ soaring geysers and vibrant blue-green geothermal pools of​ Yellowstone National Park,​ Wyoming,​ make it​ the​ ultimate destination for the​ nature lover. Herds of​ the​ once endangered North American Bison graze the​ rolling grasslands and the​ mythic Grizzly Bear forages through pristine mountain forests. Travel North America’s expansive protected lands and discover why this region is​ synonymous with the​ modern definition of​ wilderness.

Sandy Beaches,​ Cascading Peaks
Baja California is​ one of​ Mexico’s most beautiful resort destinations. the​ peninsula divides the​ tranquil waters of​ the​ Sea of​ Cortes to​ the​ East and the​ deep Pacific Ocean to​ the​ West. Baja’s subtropical tip is​ dotted with the​ popular vacation spots of​ La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. to​ the​ East,​ the​ Gulf of​ Mexico draws northerners and foreigners to​ the​ tantalizing white sand beaches and turquoise waters of​ Cancun,​ the​ Bahamas and southern Florida. North America also boasts an​ incredible collection of​ winter ski and snow resorts. For the​ thrill-seeker in​ you,​ the​ two top-ranked destinations are the​ ferocious pinnacles of​ Whistler,​ Canada and the​ intimidating jagged crest of​ the​ Grand Tetons in​ Jackson Hole,​ Wyoming.

Enticing International Cities
Travel North American cities for an​ intensely multicultural atmosphere,​ which blossomed from the​ tumultuous history of​ the​ region. the​ diverse ethnic makeup of​ cities like Montreal,​ New York,​ Chicago and Los Angeles has created profoundly rich art and music cultures as​ well as​ unparalleled international cuisine. Other cities like Mazatlan,​ Mexico and Washington D.C. tell a​ more intimate history of​ their specific regions through extensive museums,​ archeological sites and monuments.

North America is​ a​ bastion of​ fascinating cultural heritages,​ historic dramas and pristine wilderness. Nearly 40 million people inhabited the​ continent by the​ time Europeans arrived and there is​ evidence to​ suggest humans have been present for over 15,​000 years and potentially as​ far back as​ 50,​000 years. the​ blending and clashing of​ indigenous populations with sea-farers,​ explorers,​ slaves and religious refugees from the​ Old World has created the​ dynamic and wondrous landscape of​ modern North America
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